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Month: November 2015

The Warcraft Movie

When the Warcraft Movie project was officially re-announced, I wrote a light hearted post, about who I would cast in the leading roles of the Warcraft Movie. At the time, we had no details of what part of the Warcraft story the movie would cover, so I based it on *current* events in the game. Now of course, we know who the main characters are and that the story predates current World of Warcraft and covers the time of Lothar and Durotan, and we just saw the trailer premiered at Blizzcon 2015, this past weekend, and I am completely...

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The new World of Warcraft expansion, named “Legion” was announced in August at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, and that right there is the last thing I posted on this website. ¬†One could say that gaming news of the Blizzard genre has been been rather sparse. The content ‘downtime’ coincided with me suddenly getting really busy with design work, and just actually finding tons of ways to amuse myself in-game during¬†this time frame, which left little time for documenting it here, as I love to do. This week is the lead up to Blizzcon (7-8 November), and it seems as...

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Hearthstone Mastery


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