Hunter Transmog Bow: Skyfire Hawk-Bow

skyfire hawk-bow

The Skyfire Hawk-Bow came to my attention when Wowhead previewed some of the Timewalking Dungeon loot for patch 6.2. Being in an adventurous mood, I decided to go and try my luck. The bow has an 18 percent drop rate, so I figured my chances were pretty good. Who Drops the …


Headset Review Razer Kraken Pro

headset review razer kraken pro

This is an unsponsored, honest headset review of the Razer Kraken Pro which I purchased in March 2015. I decided to do some headset reviews, since I’ve used four different headsets over the last 2 years, and I hope that my review could help someone decide if a particular headset matches …


Monday Round-up


Hey guys Here are some of the past weeks happenings that you might find interesting Blizzard make a much clearer explanation of the reason behind the group mechanic relating to the Legendary Ring. Great post from @WatcherDev about the Legendary Rings, responding to the lively discussion about them. Check it …


A Hunter with Starfall, and healing abilities

heroes of the storm

You could be playing Heroes of the Storm right now, if you’d entered my Heroes of the Storm Beta key giveaway (contest now closed). When I was first invited to the technical alpha, I installed and played through the tutorial for Heroes of the Storm straightaway. Here’s the thing…I have never really …