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Month: January 2015

Fantastic Profession Changes for 6.1

There are some fantastic profession changes for 6.1 being noted on the latest PTR build, which will affect the time it takes to craft certain items, and have a knock on effect on our ability to make some extra gold. While I have been happy about most of the changes that Warlords of Draenor brought I about, I must admit that I struggled to like some of the changes to professions. What I thought was good: Garrisons and all that they brought to professions by way of having trainers stationed right there etc.  I also liked that my non-gatherer characters could...

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Does World First Matter to YOU?

World First Progression Raiding I did a survey today amongst those people I call friends, in World of Warcraft and the topic of my questions, was around the subject of raiding. More specifically on the subject of World Top 10 raiding guilds.  For this discussion, several top guilds were discussed, although some more than others.     I asked my questions initially in guild, but then to other players outside of my guild, across a broad spectrum of age groups to get a broader picture of people’s opinions. My first question was along the lines of: Does ‘World First’ Matter...

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Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.1

Warlords of  Draenor Patch 6.1 will be the first content update since the release of the expansion (13th November 2014), and although we don’t have a release date yet for the patch – testing is available right now through the PTR (Public Test Realm). There is a new loading screen!   I feel quite lucky to be so heavily invested in the Alliance side of the story, since I genuinely feel that we have a better zone to call home in this expansion. I’m sure that the gazillions of hordies out there would disagree with me, but this gem I...

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Garn Nighthowl – Mount

Garn Nighthowl is the name of a mount, that you can get from a boss called Nok-Karosh in Frostfire Ridge – with a guaranteed drop. I repeat…guaranteed drop. You can go with 2-3 players (or 30) and it is guaranteed to drop ONE mount. The great thing about Garn Nighthowl is that the mount is Bind on Use – so you can sell it on the Auction House. Ew!  I just saw all the litter on the ground at the Dark Moon Faire. Must have been the horde. *grin*     So, in keeping with my goals for this...

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The Year Ahead – WoW Adventurer in 2015

Yesterday I took the time to thank all those who have inspired me in some way with this website, and today, I thought I would share a little of my plans for the year ahead. 2015! It’s a plan. I haven’t carved any stone tablets, or written a manifesto or anything, but a plan is a good place to start. The Important Must and Will Do List There will be a more regular posting pattern. There will be a greater focus on news around World of Warcraft, as well as other Blizzard Games. There will be a marked increase...

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Happy New Year WoW Adventurers!

  Happy New Years Wishes! All the best to all the WoW Adventurers out there! What a year 2014 has been! Even more importantly – what a year I hope 2015 will be! Growing List of Thank You’s First of all – to those of you who read my website, follow me on twitter, have ever watched any of my small offerings on YouTube or those of you who’ve read my fledgling gold-making guides, or have ever interacted with this site in anyway – you have my most heartfelt gratitude! This website started just a month or two before...

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