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Warforged Nightmare

Warforged Nightmare

The Warforged Nightmare is Blizzards latest addition to the in-game store.

Warforged Nightmare

Razer Kraken Pro

The Warforged Nightmare sells for a cool £22, which is £5 more than the other mounts which sell for £17.

I immediately questioned the price increase, and if the truth be told had a little moment where I fell into the trap of assuming that Blizzard were simply going for a larger price tag for no obvious reason other than greed.

However, the Warforged Nightmare does have a cool perk in that it comes with the Nightmarish Hitching Post which allows anyone in your party or raid group to click and turn their own mount into the Warforged Nightmare for 20 minutes.

Now I appreciate the hours of work that go into something like creating a new mount, and adding a perk to transform other users mounts must have added time to the development schedule, so I understand the need for a different price point.

Is the perk enough, to warrant an extra £5? As always the decision is yours, as the buyer.

I haven’t bought one yet, because I’ve already spent £34 this month on 2 race changes – I had a moment of madness where I went from human to dwarf on my hunter, and then fled 2 days later to female pandaren which have such lovely moving and casting animations.

If it goes on sale anytime soon, I will definitely pick one up.

Razer Kraken Pro

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