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Tuesday is Newsday!

Tuesday is Newsday!

First of all, this butt-head is now defeated.

garrosh hellscream mythic

So now he can safely run off, time-travel and bring back an army to invade Azeroth.

None of which anyone on Azeroth could possibly have anticipated…

I mean…just look at the Dark Portal…nothing to see here…absolutely nothing going on…


Yep, definitely nothing to be concerned about here… (I thought this was kind of a funky shot, to take, through the back of the dark portal)…

Dark Portal

Patch 6.0.2 Arrived!

Oh the QQing was heard far and wide, and dear lord I am rather done with whingers.

But I’m not going to waste another single second worrying about people who think it’s their life’s mission to complain.  Instead I will tell you how I find the changes.

Personally, I absolutely RELISHED the change. Something new! New mechanics! New spells, fewer spells, new spell combinations! New passives! New buffs! New content!

My Mistweaver Monk makes SO much more sense now! It’s a really FUN spec to play again.

I recently began maining my hunter (after playing Hunter extensively on beta) and believe me as a long-time healer (all healing classes at 90) it is quite a new mindset to adapt to.

I really look forward to dashing through Draenor, bow at the ready, pet at my side…

Initially I played Survival, but I kind of became most comfortable with Beast Mastery.

Then the patch hit, and you know what? Marksmanship suddenly became a viable option. You know what? That’s freaking awesome.  To suddenly have a third option? That’s Blizzard doing a good job.

Of course I lamented the loss of Rapid Fire and Kill Shot from Survival, but within 24 hours of the patch going live, and Blizzard watching the numbers, they realised that they had over-gutted the spec, and they immediately buffed other Survival spells (Explosive Shot, Black Arrow etc).

Do I for one minute think they’re done? No of course not, because they are a good company, who actually care about their players. They will continue to monitor and adjust where necessary.

Hallow’s End

Soon after the Warlords Pre-Patch went live,  Hallow’s End was upon us!

Yay! More mount grinding in a super fast dungeon. Me like.

Since, Brewfest I became determined to not let one World Event go by without completing the achievements for What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been – so I dutifully mounted up and flew around the world collecting candy from all the Inns around the world and I suddenly realised one problem…

I needed to collect Candy from 2 Buckets in the Blasted Lands.

The very same Blasted Lands that had transformed…with a blown up Nethergarde Keep, I sure as heck wouldn’t be finding any candy buckets there…

So I sent out a tweet and I knew that the awesome people in the WoW community would be right on the case.

Qelric pointed me in the direction of Wowmartiean who had tweeted a solution earlier in the day which I hadn’t seen…

It turns out that Zidormi (the same NPC from Theramore) is available to help you turn back time and see the zone as it was before the Iron Horde Invasion began.

From Wowmartieans screenshots, Qelric suggested that Zidormi must be placed somewhere between the Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands, and I flew there to look around.

zidormi location

Wowmartiean then mentioned on Twitter that she (Zidormi) was just off the road – and I managed to find her.

I was hoping that she had a beam of light on her the way she does on the bridge to Theramore (which incidentally I also had to turn back time for), but nope – she’s just there up on a little hill just inside the Blasted Lands.

zidormi location

I stacked on her and tweeted the exact co-ordinates

Just to make sure that others trying to complete the achievements could find the information more easily.

In other News

Allehandro the very fabulous, picked up his horde chopper this week too.

It goes VA VA VROOM!


1-90 in 2 days

Also, apparently I fell through the floor at Shrine…lol panda’s have cute underfeet 🙂




The respawn rate has been fantastic though, and grouping up has become a thing, so yesterday I managed to join a group and pick up a little over 1000 lesser charms in just over an hour, which is fantastic! Now I can upgrade all that Mythic gear that I need for my new main  \o/

Tip: use Potion of Luck because these poisonous hoppers DO drop Pandaren Treasures.

Lastly, I was out leveling one of my ‘play this character when I can’t think of anything to do’ characters, when this happened…


It’s not the first time its happened to me, obviously, but I didn’t screenshot it the first 10 times, and I do love documenting those moments in WoW that are straight out of a movie! Ice Planet Hoth anyone? <3 Starwars!

13 November 2014, is nearly here folks!

Warlords of Draenor Launch date

If you’re stuck for things to do:

You might enjoy these activities, and you could focus on gold making, get prepared for Warlords of Draenor and generally just be ready to step into what I believe will be one of this games finest expansions yet.

tycoon gold add on


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