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How many Legendary Cloaks are Enough?

How many Legendary Cloaks are Enough?

How many legendary cloaks do you think, are enough?

I started the quest line on most of my legion of alts (on my main-Alliance server).

Today I finished the quest line for the third legendary cloak.

All my alts that don’t have it – are in various stages:

Mistweaver Monk: Complete

Resto Shaman: Complete

Survival Hunter: Complete


Resto Druid: At the Thunder Forge

Holy Paladin: Collecting Secrets of the Empire

Disc Priest: Grinding Valor

Destro Lock: Sigils of Wisdom, Sigils of Power

Arcane Mage: Sigils of Wisdom, Sigils of Power

At this stage, where are we? About 10 weeks from Warlords of Draenor release date? I feel I am more than happy to draw the line under the third one and call it quits.

One thing the legendary quest has taught me, is my personal order of preference when it comes to my alts. Because if I didn’t absolutely enjoy playing them, there is no way I would finish the legendary questline on them. The thought of having to grind another LFR, I find, intolerable.

Yes, my druid is very, very close – after the Thunder Forge – it’s just Titan Runestones – and with the Gaze of the Black Prince being  active this week – I really should be going for it…but here is the thing…my druid is Resto.

Sure I get by, going Balance when I’m out and about – but I’m not ‘muscle-memory’ comfortable in it – and to be honest, I really cannot be arsed to spec my gear for Boomkin – when my druids entire purpose in life is healing, and gathering herbs and ore.

So the thought of having to go through that Thunderforge Scenario – with *expletive* Wrathion telling me to deal with his fork-ups does not entice me…

Also, since I completed the final parts with my hunter this morning – things did not go as smoothly as I’d hoped in gathering the final runestones.

Despite the Gaze of the Black Prince Buff being ‘live’…the drop rate was horrible.

Today is reset day – and I purposefully chose to run SoO first – so that I wouldn’t have to run ToT twice – to loot the Heart of Lei Shen.

The first three bosses of SoO (part I) dropped nothing…

Sha of Pride dropped it’s ‘guaranteed’ Titan Runestone…and I queued for Part II with absolute vengeance, and more than a passing desire to quit, uninstall, and return to normal life amongst regular people.

The thought of facing that frustration on my druid…does not appeal.

Thankfully, either Blizzard read my tweet – (lol) and hit the secret loot switch under my Hunter’s name at Blizzard (there really is a room full of millions of switches which are labelled ‘Loot – OFF/ON’…I’m convinced of it), or the odds were finally in my favour and I got the last 3 Titan Runestones I needed off Galakras, Iron Juggernaut and Dark Shamans.

Quick visit to The Veiled Stair to turn in the quest – and then I queued straight away for Pinnacle of Storms.

Thank the lawd it was reset day – and the group I was in executed tactics perfectly, particularly on Lei Shen, and I was gleeful to loot that damn Heart of Lei Shen – 2 people in the LFR group actually cheered after I did so.

Turned that in, and head straight to the Temple of the Jade Serpent to complete the ranged dps challenge.

Honestly…on a hunter, it was a complete cake walk. One-shot. I had way more trouble doing the challenge on my Elemental Shaman, having to pray to the gods of RNG that my lava burst procs were plentiful.

Obtained the 600 ilvl cloak and then flapped off to the Timeless Isle berating myself the entire way that I am still too stingy to buy 310% flying speed (this char was a boosted 90 – and has 280%)…because of my WoD Gold Savings Plan

I met up with Wrathion at the Celestials, queued for the first one – managed to ninja kill another one – while I was queued, and from a Horde group no less!

So that was 2 down in the space of 5 minutes!

I queued again – for the third Celestial – but had to leave the group and requeue since it was a Celestial I’d already faced.

I *again* managed to ninja-kill a Celestial I needed on my own realm while I was waiting -and as luck was now definitely on my side – the group I was then invited to through the group finder – deposited me, on a realm in front of the last celestial I needed.

I love this game, I really do.

I like the company who develops it, and I have very few complaints.

That’s why it’s with the greatest adoration and respect for the game, that I say, I am SO done with this legendary questline. DONE. COMPLETE.

Don’t you love the bit where he goes all megalomaniacal, and you’re left wondering just what exactly the black dragonflight are plotting…

So I flew out of the area above Mogushan Palace, zoomed in to be able to take an epic screenshot of my hunter with her new cloak on, when this…Horde…EEJIT.PEON.*bad word here* flew in and ruined my screenshot.

By the time he’d moved – someone else had just pinged with their legendary cloak and my char moved off to one side…

legendary cloaks

Oh well.

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