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Making Gold before Warlords of Draenor

Making Gold before Warlords of Draenor

Yesterday I posted my list of  things I’d like to do and included in that was making gold before Warlords of Draenor launches. I set myself a target amount of  500k.

Gold making in World of Warcraft, is not difficult, but learning how to do that, just takes some time, patience and a willingness to try different things.

There are a few principles about gold making that do not change:

  1. The world, in Warcraft, contains infinitely respawning resources.
  2. Your ability to make gold is directly proportional to the effort you wish to put in, and how much you learn about your server’s economy.
  3. The longer you have played World of Warcraft, the easier it becomes to make gold.

Making Gold before Warlords of Draenor: Infinitely Respawning Resources

It is such a simple thing.

You mine a node. X amount of time goes by. Mining node respawns.

You pick a herb, X amount of time goes by. Herb respawns. This happens perpetually.

The only limit to your ability to gather resources is your storage situation, and your time.

Making Gold before Warlords of Draenor: Your Server’s Economy

You don’t need to spend countless hours farming every material in the game, but you do need to find out which items sell well in your servers economy, and yes, you should dedicate a portion of your game time to gathering certain items if you want to make gold.

Items can be sold raw, processed, transmuted or crafted.

Ghost Iron Ore, can be sold as ore, as bars, transmuted to Living Steel or crafted into plate armor, or parts for Engineering.

Every item that can be gathered, mined or skinned has several different ways to be utilised and every crafted item is part of a cycle (the cosmic money making wheel in Warcraft) that you need to learn to recognise.

Here is just one of countless examples that can be found in the game:

Ghost Iron Ore -> Prospected by Jewelcrafter -> Low level gems are then crafted into Rings -> Disenchanted for materials -> Crafted into Enchants -> sold on the Auction House, leaving the Jewelcrafter with the higher level gems to cut and sell on the Auction House as well.

You need to find those examples of things that YOU can gather and craft, that are needed by the players on your server.

Herbs are in demand, for people leveling Alchemy and for people making and selling Glyphs through Inscription.  Any level herb has a potential to sell for a variety of reasons on your Auction House.

You need to figure out which herbs are in demand and when, and what for.

Certain legacy cloth is always in demand on the Auction House. Netherweave Cloth, Frostweave Cloth and Embersilk Cloth can sometimes sell for ridiculous amounts, because they are all used in the creation of popular bags. You need to be able to discern for yourself whether you will make more gold by selling the cloth raw, in bolts or as the finished bag (if you have a tailor).

You can take it even further, and learn that while the Netherweave Bag sells fairly well for between 15-45g depending on the economy, you can use your smarts, and sell the Imbued Netherweave Bag which is 18 slots instead of 16 for at least FOUR times the price of the ordinary Netherweave Bag, simply by familiarising yourself with the materials required to take advantage of your current economy.  These are relatively small things, that if you open your eyes to learning something new, can make a big difference to your gold making experience.

Making Gold before Warlords of Draenor: The time you’ve played

The longer you’ve played World of Warcraft, the more alts you are likely to have. Having a ‘full set’ of alts on a server, greatly helps you in the search of gold making for the following reasons:

Questing earns you a substantial amount of gold initially. Both as reward, and from the sale of items rewarded that you may not need, or use initially and then sell.

Having alts allows you to cover more professions, meaning that you can gather and craft everything that your characters need, negating the need for you to spend your hard earned gold at the Auction House.

The longer you have played the game, the more likely you are to have collected purchasable mounts and items in game, and since mounts went account bound, this has greatly reduced the amount we need to spend on such things.

The longer you have played the game, the more likely you are to have earned gold, and paid for larger perks such as maximum level flying speeds, meaning that you are spending less ‘big chunks’ of gold as time goes on.

You need to discern those things that are absolutely necessary, from those things that simply take gold, and offer no real advantage.

Here’s a personal example: I’m currently exalted with the Sons of Hodir in Northrend. This gives me access to two faction bound mounts, the Reins of the Ice Mammoth (costs 1000g), and the Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth (costs 10000g).

Now because the outlay of the Ice Mammoth is only 1000g, I will go ahead and purchase that.  The grand one however, is just too large a price tag to spend, given that my current goal is making gold before Warlords of Draenor. I’m perfectly capable of affording it, but it does not serve my goal of saving.

If we were in the middle of an expansion, and my goal was more aligned with reaching the next tier of mount achievements then I would buy it.

The same goes for two mounts on my list of to-do’s before WoD, I have both the materials and the money to craft the Ruby Panther and the Jade Panther, but because one of the raw materials required to produce them costs 18000g it simply doesn’t fit in with my plan, to spend that now.

You only need to slow down and focus on that which is most important to you right now, as well as your long term goal.

Whether or not I reach my goal of 500k gold, is entirely dependent on what the launch date of Warlords of Draenor turns out to be.

Learning the economy of your server will take time and experience, but there are several tools out there that can help you, if you are wanting to start your gold making journey.

When I first started playing World of Warcraft, I ventured into the Auction House one day and was quite flabbergasted to see a Netherweave Bag selling for 45 gold, which to me as a level 40ish newb seemed to be an astronomical sum of money.

I think I avoided the Auction House for months after that, thinking that it just wasn’t the place for me. I levelled through half of Northrend, before I could even afford to buy Cold Weather Flying!

Tools to help you with Making Gold before Warlords of Draenor

Coming back to the tools you can use to help you in your gold making efforts, I can recommend several. I’m not talking about cheats or hacks, and I would never recommend anything that goes against the Blizzard Terms of Service.

The addons that I recommend that you take a look at simplify the information already on the Auction House to make it easier to learn your server economy, and also makes the act of listing and relisting your auctions much easier.

I have evaluated the following Auction House add-ons:

Auctioneer (free)

Trade Skill Master (free)

Auctionator (free)

Tycoon Gold Addon (membership required)

Making Gold before Warlords of Draenor: Auctioneer

This addon will add several new tabs to your Auction House interface as you can see from this screenshot below. Screenshot courtesy of



What I liked about Auctioneer is it’s ability to scan the auction house, and instantly give me a birds eye view of the current prices and stacks of the item I was wanting to sell.  It’s quite comprehensive, and I probably only barely scratched the surface of it. Just looking at it immediately makes me go, ‘blarg’…and want to move on.

My personal view: very comprehensive, but too complicated to use right out the box.


Making Gold before Warlords of Draenor: Trade Skill Master

Is huge. It is a massive profession-tracking, crafting, gathering and Auction House tool.

trade skill master

It can cross-reference your alts professions, and my favourite feature was its ability to allow you to queue items for you to craft which would then be viewable from any alt.

So for example, if I listed (simple example) Netherweave Bag to my crafting list on my tailor “Alt A”, and then collected Netherweave Cloth by running an old dungeon on “Alt B” – I could immediately see when opening TSM, that Alt A could use those mats in order to complete her crafting queue, reducing those ‘Who was I sending this to?’ moments at the mailbox.

It was extremely useful for crafting legacy mounts like the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine which required a variety of materials from various places – and I could see which items to send my Engineer, from each character, and as soon as my Engineer had all the materials required to craft it, the queue would prompt me to craft it by turning that item bright green in the queue.

I think if I had the time and patience to really set it up properly, it could be a very valuable addon indeed.

However, I have ADHD and my concentration levels are challenged even when medicated and the planetary alignment is just right during a full moon, and as much as I was excited about the depth of functionality that Trade Skill Master offered, I was immediately put off by the level of configuration that was required to begin to process the information I wanted, and I found myself working things out manually, as this was the process that I was accustomed to doing after all this time of playing. It felt extremely buggy too.

From my day-job (graphic designer) point of view, I absolutely hated the look of the interface.

It just looks cheap and ugly.

I think that the developers were more concerned with providing a free addon that had a lot of functionality regardless of aesthetics, and I applaud their efforts, but everytime I opened it, I winced.

I tried so hard to like it, and overlook the odd user experience design, but I slowly turned off feature after feature including the postal one which made me cringe everytime I was at the mailbox until I finally gave up and removed it from my installation completely.

My personal view: Nice to have, if you have the patience to configure it properly, but I found that I did not want to relinquish as much of the decision making as I thought. Sometimes automating things too much, takes the fun out of it completely.

Making Gold before Warlords of Draenor: Auctionator

Auctionator is similar to Auctioneer but gets two thumbs up from me for being extremely easy to use, straightaway.


The developers describe Auctionator on their website as:

  • Auctionator makes it easy and fun to buy, sell and manage your auctions.
  • Auctionator is designed to be very user-friendly – no manual required.
  • Even though it’s easy to use, Auctionator provides powerful features, like shopping lists and history tracking.
  • Auctionator adds vendor, auction and disenchant prices to item tooltips when you’re away from the auction house.
  • Auctionator uses resources very efficiently, typically needing less that 5 MB of your computer’s memory.

100% agree with their description, and it’s the reason why I still use Auctionator and have been using it for well over 18 months now.

One of the best features of Auctionator is the ‘check for undercuts’ button, found under the ‘More’ tab.

My personal view: Excellent Add-on, wins for simplicity of use and extreme power.

Tycoon Gold Add-on

I have always been against having to pay for such mods, and I’m pro open source development in general. As it turns out, Tycoon is actually free, what you pay for is a membership to their site.

I hoped to be able to buy it, review it for sixty days and I fully expected to be disappointed and return it within its 60 day 100% money back guarantee and pat myself on the back for being so astute in refusing to pay for add ons.

Well, to be perfectly honest, I was completely WRONG. This add-on is IT. The Shiz. The cheddar. The Thing I have Been Looking For. 

This add-on fits into my style of gold making like hand-in-glove and has greatly improved the way I go about earning it.

I absolutely LOVE this add-on. I want to tuck it in bed every night and read it a bedtime story.

It is BEAUTIFUL to look at (I’ve already established why this is important to me). It has greatly reduced the time I spend guessing and testing out which materials will sell well at any given time.


It works in conjunction with Auctionator (above) and reads scans of the auction house every time I interact with the AH NPCs.

It is VERY easy to use.

Let’s say I have an hour to kill before raid time, and I’m not sure what to do, but I figure I may as well log my gathering alt (handy druid with flight form and max level herbalism and mining).

I simply open up the Tycoon Gold Add-on, and look for the most interesting and profitable gathering route and off I go. It pulls up a map to show me where to fly to gather the most of which ever material I’m after.


I can choose to sort the routes by those applicable to the character I’m on, or more general routes if I’m after things that can be gathered without specific professions being active.

One of my favourite features is that the add-on will calculate how much gold I’m averaging per hour, based on what I’m gathering, and how quickly. If I stop because I’m talking to someone on Teamspeak and have my attention diverted to youtube or something, and then tab back in to World of Warcraft I can see immediately that my gold per hour average has gone down, as it keeps calculating for as long as I’m on that gathering route.

So that’s just the gathering module. It was enough to ‘sell me’ on the idea of the add-on, simply to find and follow new gathering routes.

Tycoon Gold Add-on has other modules too, that I’m only now beginning to explore, for farming, crafting and playing the Auction House. In short, it’s an add-on that will grow with your knowledge and confidence as you begin to make gold.

Another feature that I find amazing is the one that will show me how popular particular items are in terms of sales, versus how much competition that item currently has. That means that while I might see that Netherweave Cloth (again a simple example) is selling very well on the auction house, it will also show me that there is tons of competition for that item, where as another item such as Copper Ore might currently be selling well, but there is little or no competition at the moment. I cannot tell you how much WIN there is with this kind of information.

Things you should know about the Tycoon Gold Add-on:

It is NOT a bot. It will NOT gather items for you. It in no way automates the process of gathering or farming items. It just makes it easy for you to know where to go, based on current information.

It is used by over 85 000 players, and the company have been in business for over 6 years. During that time, not one player has been banned for using this addon.

The add-on has its own installer and requires very little configuration. (Basically, you need to make sure that you have an add-on like Auctionator installed to run scans of the Auction house, to keep the information updated, and once that’s set up – it’s done.)

The add-on does NOT violate Blizzard terms of service, (since it’s essentially free – you only pay for the application that installs/updates it) but actually encourages you to learn the smarter ways of making gold, in return for your investment of effort.

They offer a 100% 60 day money back guarantee.

You pay once, and you get free updates and upgrades FOR LIFE.  There are no subscriptions or recurring payments whatsoever.

They have fully comprehensive customer support, and community forums.

I would never promote a product that I hadn’t tested personally, and this one has absolutely earned five out of five gold stars from me.

Just using Auctionator, I average between 1-4k a day, just doing my Sunsong Ranch gathering and every few days I produce a big ticket item which tends to sell after a few days, which is why my own system of gold making fluctuates from 1-4k.




I installed the Tycoon Gold Add-on, loaded up my druid, picked 3 gathering routes and spent about 20 minutes in each route (that’s an hour of my time in total – with a bit extra for travel time) just mining and herbing with some good music on my headset. My druid doesn’t even have maximum level flying speed!

The result of my gathering, and subsequent crafting and spreading of merchandise types on the Auction House, meant that the VERY NEXT DAY when I sent my trusty mage that lives outside the Auction House in Stormwind to the post box, that just over 8k gold came in from sales.

If you are looking for that add on with the WoW factor (see what I did there), then please do yourselves a favour and try this add on for yourself.

Making Gold before Warlords of Draenor: In Summary

  • Be patient with yourself, and with the market. Things fluctuate.
  • Maximise your personal storage and trickle your items into the AH in a steady flow, don’t flood the market.
  • Don’t spend gold on unnecessary whims.
  • Start with one alt with maximum professions and experiment.
  • Level that full set of alts.
  • Level the professions of those alts.
  • Learn what your economy gobbles up. RP realms might do a roaring trade in transmog items. PVP realms might do so for crafted PVP gear for people starting out. PVE realms might do a roaring trade in consumables used for raiding, and enchants for gear.
  • BUT…don’t forget to think BEYOND the norm. PVE realms might only a handful of people who specialise in transmog gear, and THAT my friends is a market that you could tap into, if that is your kind of thing. The possibilities are only as limited as your mind.
  • Don’t sell items in just one format, spread your items over a variety of industries until you know what sells best in your economy.
  • Use the add-ons that work for you, to help you in your quest to earn gold, and monitor your gold making activities, in order to fine tune your best strategies.

I hope you’ve found this guide to gold making useful. It’s really only the basics of making gold in WoW, and the sky is the limit once you understand how the market works.

You can either be one of the many, who ‘list and forget’ and are happy with mediocre amounts of gold, or you can become one of the select few who control the market.

The gold cap per character is currently 999 999g 99s 99c…I’ll let you know when I get there.

Go forth now and forever more be prosperous!


About The Author


Artenesse specialises in digital graphic design, and has been a creative professional since 2006. Blogging since 2004 and gaming since before the internet was actually a thing.


  1. Rolypoly

    Nice post!
    I agree about Auctionator – it’s really simple to use. Somewhat tempted to investigate this paid add-on though…

    • Legolene

      Auctionator really fits in with the overall WoW interface – as if it was meant to be there in the first place. As for Tycoon, I genuinely didn’t want to like the paid addon – but I have been completely and utterly seduced by it.


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