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I am live blogging WoD Launch

I am live blogging WoD Launch

03h06am GMT: – Tannery complete! Garrison is now Level 2!


02h46am GMT: – halfway to 92…look at this lovely market


00:54 GMT:  Garrison established, multiple server crashes, HUGE numbers of players in the game. Bodes well for next quarterly subs report!

22h47 GMT: 13 minutes to go….and General Chat has basically flushed itself down the loo with the level of convo going on there…

22h13 GMT: There is always one, or two on every server, that have to try and spoil things for everyone. #mrsmitesbrasscompass


21h20 GMT: It’s full of stars!


20h00 GMT: FPS taking some strain as the Blasted Land fills up…if one more person drops a party grenade or that stupid ‘chugga chugga chugga chugga choo-choo’ thing, I’ma gonna freak out.


18h35 GMT: this guild are all suited and booted with matching guild mounts, I thought they looked good, all ready.  I am loving the general spirit online at the moment. Much excitement.


18h21 GMT: People are beginning to gather.  With more hovered in the skies above.


17h33 GMT:  Still hanging out in the Blasted Lands chatting with my people on voice comms  – and randomly going /afk to do RL stuff involving food, and people.

16h40 GMT: I am going over my Garrison Planner and have it in another tab so that I can refer to it, or make changes as necessary, on the fly.

16h12 GMT: …and the douchebaggery has started. Someone surrounds Archmage Khadgar with guild banners.  At least we still have 7 or so hours to go.


16h00 GMT: Yep, just decided to get out the mushroom chair. Us Brits know how to queue in style!



15:49 GMT: I’m ready, at Khadgar to turn in the quest, there is this FANTASTIC debuff around him, that prevents mounting up – or stacking on him which is the best antidouchebaggery thing I’ve seen in a game.


I am live blogging Wod Launch – so keep checking for updates!

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