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Immerseus Heroic

Immerseus Heroic

Immerseus Heroic;  can be a right royal pain in the butt.

We have had this boss down three times before. The first time, took a fair amount of time to work out the new mechanics and piece together a way to overcome them given the classes we have in our raid team.

The second time it went down after a few attempts, the third time it took one or two attempts.

Last night we spent two hours wiping on it, followed by one last attempt where we managed to kill it a good 10-15 seconds into the enrage timer.

So in case you were wondering what it looked like when Heroic Immerseus hits enrage – I give you Exhibit A, the screenshot of shame:


5 stacks of the debuff on 2 people – and my dispel button not on cooldown – DOH. (Well at least I knew where I can improve for next time – which is more than can be said for others who think they’re doing everything right, all the time.)

On the plus side, we did kill it, and got one useable piece of loot.

On the down side, we didn’t know why it was failing so much, and we only got one useable piece of loot.

Going to be doing a lot of log analysis today to figure out what was failing and where.

It’s the exact same loot that dropped last week, Hood of Blackened Tears (so our rogue got it last week, and I got it this this week for my Windwalker off-spec). The other loot was the Hood of Swirling Senses which our priest had gotten previously (as the only cloth wearer).

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