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Great Value from Unused Raid Banquets

Great Value from Unused Raid Banquets

How to get Great Value from Unused Raid Banquets

You know all those raid banquets that you’ve been storing in the guild bank since, you cooked them up…ready just in case you ever ran out? The very same raid banquets that were made pretty much obsolete by the advent of the Noodle Cart?

Thanks to peoples obsessions with having +25 extra food buffs on them at raid time, we’re guessing that many of your raid banquets are still languishing in your guild bank.

Well, my raid team found a rather enterprising solution…it turns out that their (entertainment) value is off the charts!

Behold, what happens, when someone in the team goes afk, and we have some downtime on Heroic Galakras…(er, not really appropriate viewing if you’re like, 12 or under).

Yes, that’s right, some guys in the team decided to make a picture of a giant man part (avoiding using the terms here, so as not to draw the unwanted gaze of dodgy googlers)…using only unused raid banquets, and as you can see from the video, they were trying to match the ‘part’ with the most appropriate spells. All I can say is, Chi Burst wins hands down!


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  1. Zionxi

    The childishness in me says ‘THATS AMAZING! BAHAHAHAHA’. The raider in me says ‘omg all that food D: /cry’

    For me the funniest thing involving banquets for me, is when Mack put out loads of them all in loose stacking point in Fallen Protectors and we had to eat them all before we could pull. And then a certain someone popped heroism by accident while taking a screenshot 😉

    • Legolene

      Er *cough* that couldn’t have been me…*cough*


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