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Garrosh Hellscream 25 man

Garrosh Hellscream 25 man

Garrosh Hellscream 25 man is an easier fight than 10 man. Fact. Providing of course that everyone has brains.

Our guild runs three 10 man raid teams, and there are plenty of raiders around with some experience ready to fill in gaps when we have them.  Sometime ago before we had 3 full teams, we put together a 25 man run for fun, and invited some people from our realm (in other guilds) to join us.  This was before all the connected realm malarky, so it was just us ‘Dragonmaw-rians’.

We did the raid over two nights – and got as far as downing Paragons, at which point it was too late to continue, and reset was the following day.

As a result – our guilds 25 man progress on remained annoyingly 13/14N for the Siege of Orgrimmar. Given that we don’t run a 25man raid team as a rule, the progress wasn’t going anywhere unless we made an effort, and had time to run a 25 man raid outside of our various 10 man raid commitments.

So we did just that the week before last. My raid team cleared up to the trash before Garrosh Hellscream, when we got our other main raid team, and some extras (who are now developing our third team) to turn that pesky 13/14 into 14/14 and get a few more guildies the Kor’kron War Wolf, title “Conquerer of Orgrimmar” and the achievement “Ahead of the Curve”.

garrosh hellscream 25 man


Here we are back at the Shrine of the Seven Stars with the mount.

garrosh hellscream 25 man


Not everyone made it for the second screenshot, and some other players decided to photobomb (screenshot bomb?) us by joining in.

All good fun, and also – proud to be in the only guild on the server with the Garrosh Hellscream 25 man completion.

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