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Garrison Road Map

Garrison Road Map

I am in the process of creating a Garrison Road Map. After a fashion.

A roadmap of sorts that will allow me to stick to the right quests, in order to obtain the blueprints I need in the order that I want to.

Here’s a quick screenshot of my level 1 garrison on beta after just having created it.

garrison level 1

It’s very easy, to simply ride off to a new quest hub, pick up every available quest and start to complete them without giving them a second glance.

A little pre-planning will definitely save me a load of time when it comes to leveling.

I’ve just proved to myself that having a to-do list for Warlords of Draenor has proven to be a really good way of ensuring that I get the right things done.

In Mists of Pandaria, I just leveled each alt, and moved to the next zone as soon as I dinged up and got the breadcrumb quest to proceed to the next zone.

In Warlords of Draenor, I’m making a list of quests that will give me specific garrison perks/upgrades in order to both maximise the XP I’m gaining, while giving my garrison time to begin processing work orders as soon as possible, and leveling my buildings as soon as I have the resources.

Wowhead’s Garrison Calculator – is an extremely valuable tool, as well as their updated Warlords of Draenor profession guides.

The most difficult decisions I suppose, are which buildings to place on the large and medium plots. There are some which would provide obvious perks while leveling – but when at maximum level there are others which pull ahead in terms of usefulness.

The gold goblin in me – is very interested in the Trading Post, particularly for my characters that don’t have a gathering profession, as being able to trade in garrison resources for herbs/ore etc is a very handy ability to have right from the start of the expansion…but once more of my alts are at maximum, the ability to pop around on my druid and gather up ore and herbs (aside from all I will be harvesting from the Herb Garden, Mine and Fishing Shack) makes it slightly less useful, than perhaps the Lunarfall Inn, which cryptically states that at level 3 you get access to “particularly lucrative trade missions”

I have not yet been able to discover what the mechanic is for replacing buildings should one want to choose differently.

So, for my main character currently my quest priority list looks a bit like this (it’s a work in progress!):

Garrison Road Map

Garrison Level 1

garrison road map level 1

Small Plot 1: Alchemy Lab

Chosen, because I have Alchemy, and this allows me to produce more work orders at once.

Large Plot 1: Dwarven Bunker

Chosen for the ‘Rare or Epic bonus upgrade’ on quest loot. While this won’t matter much with my current Heroic gear on my Shaman, it will however increase the disenchanting value of the items that drop as rewards.

Later in the expansion, the level 3 perk (bonus loot roll for free) will become more useful.

Garrison Level 2

garrison road map level 2

Small Plot 2: Enchanters Study 

Chosen because I have Enchanting, and this allows me to produce more work orders at once.

Medium Plot 1: Trading Post 

Chosen, so that I have access to more raw materials early on in the expansion, given that I don’t have any gathering professions on this alt.

Herb Garden, Mine, Fishing Shack (available from Level 96 according to Beta)

Garrison Level 3

garrison road map level 3

Small Plot 3: Storehouse

For my main character – the Storehouse is my chosen building since I will most likely produce the most flasks and enchants on this character to be shipped around all my alts that need them. Which makes the addition of 2 work orders per building extremely useful. It also grants access to the bank, guild bank, Void storage, Transmogrification, making it the most solid choice for the third small plot.

Medium Plot 2: Lumbermill

Chosen for the ability to harvest lumber which can be converted to supplies for work orders…hugely important to keep my garrison working at maximum capacity!

Large Plot 2: Stables

Chosen, for the 6 extra mounts you can ‘tame’, and for being able to interact with things in Draenor whilst mounted, and for the 20% speed increase while mounted.

This makes this building the obvious choice for my first/main character – especially while there is no flying and one needs to zip around fast.

I will experiment with other buildings on my alts, which don’t see as much ‘air time’ as my main, and if any of them prove more useful, and if I discover a way to replace buildings then I will definitely adjust as the expansion goes on.

What are your plans so far for the garrison? Which buildings are you picking? Why? How is your preparation for Warlords of Draenor coming along?

I’m feeling quite smug about how much I’ve managed to cross off my to-do list, and the gold making is full steam ahead!

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