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Garrison Planner Update

Garrison Planner Update


Beautiful stark region of Gorgrond.

It’s been just over 3.5 weeks since the launch of Warlords and as expected Garrisons continue to enthrall me (see what I did there) as much as they did when first announced at Blizzcon in 2013.

I made pre-Warlords release plans, with this garrison planner, but at least remained open to changing the plan, if and when I saw that my garrison resource production was insufficient and that I could achieve a better balance using other structures.

In a nutshell, here are some things that I found I needed to change, and along with some mistakes that I made.

1.  I chose the Lumbermill as my garrison resource production building on my main

I chose it initially because I understood that garrison resources would be scarce, and the idea of a building that could produce these resources without reducing my other resources (ore/herbs etc) would be a good choice.

In practice however, I found myself actually delaying turning in quests, because I was thinking, JUST ONE MORE TREE, and then deviating from my original plan to level fast. It’s hard to pass up a herb node – and trees proved to be the same… Also – at just 20 resources every four hours – it just wasn’t fast enough.

The better choice for me – in terms of garrison resource production has definitely been the Trading Post.

I have MORE than enough materials to be able to fill work orders for the trading post and the lure of Auction House access is far better than increased mount speed in Draenor.

2. I upgraded buildings before upgrading my garrison to level 3.

HUGE MISTAKE. Initially resources were plentiful due to leveling and completing questlines, and then at 100, having upgraded a plot (spending 1200 resources), I suddenly found myself needing 2000 resources… I spent an entire day farming rares and searching for treasures and then still had to wait for the next days Garrison Cache, just to be able to upgrade my garrison to level 3.

3.  I chose the stables

The lure of 7 extra mounts proved too strong and I wasted resources on building stables and partially completing questlines. I then swapped this out for the Dwarven Bunker, in order to prepare for raiding which opened this week…

7 extra mounts can easily be obtained by an alt, and the increased mount speed just doesn’t work for me as much as much as gearing my followers and gettting a free loot reroll token each week.

So, yes, in a nutshell, it has been very trial and error on my main, but this has at least given me greater perspective on my alts, and my little legion of Ness has begun to take shape.

  1. Hunter Main: Level 100, Garrison Level 3
  2. Monk Alt: Level 100, Garrison Level 3
  3. Shaman Alt: Level 100, Garrison Level 3
  4. Druid Alt: Level 95, Garrison Level 2
  5. Priest Alt: Level 91, Garrison Level 2
  6. Mage Alt: Level 91, Garrison Level 2

Still a long way to go until my ‘perfect production line’ is working – but boy oh boy is it a lot of fun! You can totally blame Warlords of Draenor for being so darn amazing, as the main reason my blogging has been so sporadic lately!

While I’m definitely in the ‘GIVE US BACK FLYING NOW’ camp – I have to add that taking the flight path, has definitely given me a few moments where I am literally struck dumb by the unreal, other-worldly, gosh-darn-its-so-beautiful-it-hurts-my-eyes moments.


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