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The Fastest Way to gain Shatari Skyguard Reputation

The Fastest Way to gain Shatari Skyguard Reputation

What’s the fastest way to gain Shatari Skyguard Reputation ?

Who are the Sha’tari Skyguard you ask?

They’re a faction from The Burning Crusade expansion of World of Warcraft.  I had no idea they even existed since I leveled mostly through dungeons for 60-70, and it was only upon seeing someone mounted in Stormwind on this incredible toothy flapping flying fish mount, that I was like, ‘TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THIS MOUNT AT ONCE!”


That person was kind enough to make a group, travel with me all the way to Outland, and show me where the Sha’Tari Skyguard Faction base was (practically hidden) located in the mounts adjacent to the Terrokar Forest.


Here’s the good news: They have a daily quest AND some quests to gain reputation that are perpetually repeatable.

That means you can turn them in, again, and again and again. If you’re determined like me – that means that I have my obliging ex-main character temporarily vacationing in Outland to get this done.

So what’s the fastest way to gain Shatari Skyguard Reputation?

Pick up the quest from the NPC at the Skyguard Base, and head to Skettis (the Arrokoa settlement right there, and start to kill the mobs. They will drop Shadow Dust – collect the 6 you need to turn in the quest. This quest will grant you 165 reputation, and each Arrokoa that you kill will grant you 11.

Here are the NPC’s that you will need to interact with:


Now – the quest will award you 1 Elixir of Shadows – drink this – and for 20 minutes you will see a lot more Time-lost Skettis Priests (Arrokoa mobs) that you can kill for reputation – but there’s more!

Look at this image below – the Time-Lost Skettis mobs are ONLY visible to you if you have an active Elixir of Shadows Buff.


These Time-Lost Skettis Priests drop an item called Time-Lost Scroll, gather as many of these as you can.

Around Skettis you will see these purple shrine type areas with piles of skulls in them. Once you have 10 Time Lost Scrolls you can summon one of the 4 rares that when you kill will grant you 110 reputation, and they also drop quest items that can be turned in repeatedly!


I REPEAT DO NOT SELL WHAT THEY DROP (you can sell the random gear – unless you want it for transmog – but don’t sell anything else).

Summon all four rares when you have enough Time Lost Scrolls and keep the quest items they give you.

When you’ve raised your reputation above friendly, you will get a new repeatable quest where you can turn in 4 items (1 from each rare). The caged NPC who offers you this quest (an Arrokoa held captive in the Sha’tari Skyguard Base) will award you a Time-Lost Offering which allows you to summon the biggest rare and kill him for the biggest reputation gain.

This biggest boss is summoned at the green circle on the little island in the middle of Skettis – but – if there are others grinding reputation at the same time as you – he can’t always be summoned -you may need to wait a while for another pile of skulls to appear – just carry on killing Skettis mobs while you wait.

This is the ‘big’ rare – killing him grants you a whopping 550 reputation, so don’t skip killing him at every opportunity.


The Fastest Way to Gain Shatari Skyguard Reputation : Summary

1. Kill Arrokoa and loot enough Shadow Dust – I usually fly around all of Skettis before going back to the NPC to hand in 6x at a time for nice reputation gains. I keep and use the Elixirs he gives me.

2. Go back to Skettis having taken one of the elixirs (to see the Time-lost Skettis Priests) loot as many Time Lost Scrolls as you can get.

3. Summon each rare in turn to collect the items.

4. Return to the Skyguard base and turn in all your gathered Shadow Dust to the Skyguard NPC, and all your quest items to the caged NPC.

5. Go and summon the big boss with your Time-Lost Offering – kill it – and you may be lucky enough to get the Time-Lost Figurine (I did on my third or fourth kill) (this is a vanity item that turns you into an Arrokoa)

Daily Quests:

I only did these twice since I worked on this rep for 3 hours on one day, and 2 hours on the next – but if you’re grinding reputation over a longer period of time – make sure you do these – they grant good reputation gains.

1. Daily quest to release the caged prisoner

Insanely easy quest where you have to escort the prisoner to safety – (the bottom of the ramp) – takes less than 2 minutes. (Pick up this quest from the prisoner – he is in one of the skettis tree-house things on the western side of skettis (where you see my character icon on the map at the start of this post).


2. Daily Quest to destroy the eggs

The dwarf NPC at the Skyguard base will start offering you this quest above a certain reputation level, so look out for it.

The dwarf will give you explosives – fly to Skettis – and look for the eggs above the Arrakoa dwellings – they sparkle – so they’re easy to find.

STAY MOUNTED: and simply use the quest item (the explosives) target the eggs and zap them.



The reason I suggest parking a max level character that you don’t raid on, there, for doing this – is that it’s a long way from Shrine.

Flying out there…can get a bit boring. If you had to fly out there everytime you wanted to work on this rep – you would never finish it.

You want to be able to log in to this character – go and zerg mobs/turn in quests/kill rares and then log out when you get bored – and go and do something on your main. Then when you have down time again – you can just relog this character and carry on.

I managed to get exalted after dedicating a total of about 5.5 hours over 2 days to getting this reputation to exalted – and I’m so glad that I did! Look at all the varieties!

Blue Riding Nether Ray

blue riding nether ray

Green Riding Nether Ray

green riding nether ray

Purple Riding Nether Ray

purple riding nether ray

Red Riding Nether Ray

red riding nether ray

Silver Riding Nether Ray

silver nether riding ray

Good luck with your reputation farming! I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide.

Please feel free to add any tips and tricks of your own in the comments below, on the fastest way to gain reputation with the Shatari Skyguard !

Use of this guide is completely free, and created by me through the desire to help other players navigate their way through World of Warcraft. If this guide has been profoundly helpful to you, please consider sharing it with others, and if you feel so inclined (and are in no way obligated) then please feel free to buy me a cup of coffee for my efforts.

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  1. Meowrisa

    Great guide! Thanks :3 Also can’t forget about the Human racial passive, Diplomacy! 10% to all reputation gains ♡

    • Meowrisa

      The Talonsworn Forest-Ragers aren’t very important, however when you see them I would kill them. They yield 33 rep :3


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