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Month: December 2014

Heroic: The Butcher

High Maul opened this week! The first raid of Warlords of Draenor, and my guild on Emerald Dream EU took around 24 players through normal, and on to Heroic this week with a smaller group. Heroic: The Butcher is quite a tight dps check if you’re geared with Heroic Dungeon gear, and so we had a few really frustrating wipes where he had less than 300k health… At this point, I was like, ‘Ok, if you’re missing an enchant or a gem, speak now’. Cue some shuffling around as people turned out their pockets (bags) to see what they could share around...

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Garrison Planner Update

Beautiful stark region of Gorgrond. It’s been just over 3.5 weeks since the launch of Warlords and as expected Garrisons continue to enthrall me (see what I did there) as much as they did when first announced at Blizzcon in 2013. I made pre-Warlords release plans, with this garrison planner, but at least remained open to changing the plan, if and when I saw that my garrison resource production was insufficient and that I could achieve a better balance using other structures. In a nutshell, here are some things that I found I needed to change, and along with some...

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