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Month: November 2014

Making Gold before High Maul Opens

Making gold before High Maul opens, will be different to the techniques used during previous expansions. High Maul, the first raid of Warlords of Draenor is scheduled to open on the 2nd December 2014. That’s just a week from today. Changes to professions in Warlords of Draenor means that a lot of items are locked behind both daily cooldowns and work order cooldowns. This is where the savvy player will realise that perhaps while certain potions, flasks, enchants and gear will be hot sellers on the auction house, there will also be plenty of competition for these more obvious items....

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I am live blogging WoD Launch

03h06am GMT: – Tannery complete! Garrison is now Level 2! 02h46am GMT: – halfway to 92…look at this lovely market 00:54 GMT:  Garrison established, multiple server crashes, HUGE numbers of players in the game. Bodes well for next quarterly subs report! 22h47 GMT: 13 minutes to go….and General Chat has basically flushed itself down the loo with the level of convo going on there… 22h13 GMT: There is always one, or two on every server, that have to try and spoil things for everyone. #mrsmitesbrasscompass 21h20 GMT: It’s full of stars! 20h00 GMT: FPS taking some strain as the...

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New Building for Garrisons?

Is there a new building for Garrisons that we’ve not seen yet? Something that would fit on a fourth small plot? Or maybe a third medium plot? Yes folks, it’s one of those posts where I speculate wildly about something that MIGHT be on the cards for garrisons… Since I knew that Beta testing would be closing sometime yesterday, I spent time over the last few days having a last look around at all the things, and it was upon screenshotting my garrison from every angle, that I took a good look at this area… Let’s look at the map…...

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Mounts in Warlords of Draenor

Mounts in Warlords of Draenor look amazing! I’ve only recently begun making a concerted effort to add to my stable of mounts, so to see all that is coming in Warlords of Draenor – I’m so excited about some of them in particular. Each new mount brings us closer to that elusive 200 mark…(and for some, that 250 mark) So which ones have caught my eye? Let’s take a look… Bellular Gaming has done a great video on all 42 new mounts in Warlords of Draenor that we can expect to add to our stable (see what I did...

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My Garrison Planner

I’ve been putting together a garrison planner, just to keep track of: My characters levels Each alts garrison level Which buildings I have on which alts The building level of each garrison building on each alt Outpost choices I’m not a big nerd when it comes to spreadsheets so it’s really just a visual guide for me – to keep a handle on things while leveling my legion of alts. It’s a basic plan, so that I try and maximise resources for my raider-main, as well as leveling the professions and garrisons of all my characters, in order to support...

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