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Month: October 2014

Launch Night Plans

Have you made your launch night plans yet? When Mists of Pandaria launched, it launched at midnight, Paris time (GMT+1), which for me here in the UK was 11pm.  So why Paris time? Simply because that is the server time for the servers in the EU. Assuming that Warlords of Draenor follows the same pattern, then we can expect to step into the action at 11:00pm on the evening of Wednesday 12th November 2014. My Launch Night Plans Are: Attempt to get a good nights sleep the night before (Tuesday 11th), though in all likelihood I’m going to be...

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Primal Spirit is the new Spirit of Harmony

Funny story: back when Mists of Pandaria launched, I was at maximum level, but if the truth be told, I was still very wet behind the ears in terms of understanding the great cosmic gold-making wheel in World of Warcraft that rolls through the expansions. One of the dumber things I did, was gather an substantial amount of Spirits of Harmony, and then have absolutely no clue what to do with them. I did, the unthinkable. Yes…I deleted them, when I needed the bag space. /facepalm This is the first expansion that I’m facing, with a much more informed head on my shoulders,...

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Last Minute Things to Do before WoD

There are a couple of last minute things to do before WoD, that I’m going to talk about today. Maximise your bag space Go through all your storage things, and be absolutely ruthless. Yes, indeed the bag changes in 6.0.2 have been wonderful, and the addition of the reagent tab in the bank has been very useful, but still, there are transmog pieces and some toys/items that did not make it into the toybox, and just general, random shish, that is taking up bag space. Every time I’ve copied a character on beta and started leveling, I’m always asking...

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Tuesday is Newsday!

First of all, this butt-head is now defeated. So now he can safely run off, time-travel and bring back an army to invade Azeroth. None of which anyone on Azeroth could possibly have anticipated… I mean…just look at the Dark Portal…nothing to see here…absolutely nothing going on… Yep, definitely nothing to be concerned about here… (I thought this was kind of a funky shot, to take, through the back of the dark portal)… Patch 6.0.2 Arrived! Oh the QQing was heard far and wide, and dear lord I am rather done with whingers. But I’m not going to waste another...

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Making Gold in the Early Days of WoD

Making Gold in the early days of WoD will depend largely on what your goal as a player is. Phase 1: Making Gold in the Early Days of WoD To the would-be gold maker I will say this: Players with any profession, will be able to mine ore, gather herbs and fish from their garrisons BUT these buildings are only available to players from level 92, 94 and 96 respectively. It is for this reason that I believe that there is a substantial amount of gold to be made very early on, from gathering absolute basic raw materials. This includes,...

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