Reins of the Red Drake

reins of the red drake

If you’re wanting to add a nice mount to your collection with a minimum of fuss and effort, go and get yourself the Reins of the Red Drake. It counts towards the meta achievement, coming in Warlords of Draenor, to obtain the Emerald Drake (by having a selection of the …


Reins of Galakras

reins of galakras

The Reins of Galakras is a mount that you earn for completing the achievement Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider.  This achievement can be earned at flex, normal or heroic level. (After 6.0, I guess it would be normal, heroic and mythic, as flex is being removed as a ‘level’). Believe …


Changing Realms

changing realms

I have always been an advocate of having a legion of alts on a server, with all the professions you need, so that in the interests of gold making and self-sufficiency you need never rely on the Auction House’s volatile prices to buy the resources you need. So what happens when …


How many Legendary Cloaks are Enough?

legendary cloaks

How many legendary cloaks do you think, are enough? I started the quest line on most of my legion of alts (on my main-Alliance server). Today I finished the quest line for the third legendary cloak. All my alts that don’t have it – are in various stages: Mistweaver Monk: …