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Month: March 2014

Galakras Heroic

Galakras Heroic  is really similar to normal, except stuff hits hard. Really hard. We only had 3 players alive at the end, but hey, a kill is a kill!  We honestly thought it was a wipe at around 10 %, but then everyone (dead) watched in awe as the remaining players reduced her health surprisingly fast and *ding* all the achievements flooded through guild chat, followed by cheers and rather bewildered statements like, ‘omg, we actually did it’. As a Mistweaver Monk, previously on this fight, I’ve found best use of Chi Burst and Chi Torpedo as talent choices...

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Raiding 101: Know Your Class

This series of posts about raiding is aimed at people who are interested in joining a raid team for the first time, and learning what it takes. If you are an experienced team raider then you may find some useful information, but it is more aimed at showing people the basics that are required before joining a team. Know Your Class That statement, says a lot, but few understand exactly the extent with which you should know your class, or exactly what that means. You could be forgiven for thinking that you know your class by the time you...

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Raiding 101

“That’s just Raiding 101” I hear people say. In fact I hear people say that a lot. I’m in an active predominantly PVE based guild that runs 3 raid teams (of which I manage one), and since our first raid team are the realm firsts for most this current tier, we’ve had a lot of inquiries from people to join the guild, who are interested in raiding.  This has increased even more since our humble server has been connected with 3 other realms so far. So what’s my point? Well – with the increased number of players wanting to...

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Immerseus Heroic

Immerseus Heroic;  can be a right royal pain in the butt. We have had this boss down three times before. The first time, took a fair amount of time to work out the new mechanics and piece together a way to overcome them given the classes we have in our raid team. The second time it went down after a few attempts, the third time it took one or two attempts. Last night we spent two hours wiping on it, followed by one last attempt where we managed to kill it a good 10-15 seconds into the enrage timer....

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Garrosh Hellscream 25 man

Garrosh Hellscream 25 man is an easier fight than 10 man. Fact. Providing of course that everyone has brains. Our guild runs three 10 man raid teams, and there are plenty of raiders around with some experience ready to fill in gaps when we have them.  Sometime ago before we had 3 full teams, we put together a 25 man run for fun, and invited some people from our realm (in other guilds) to join us.  This was before all the connected realm malarky, so it was just us ‘Dragonmaw-rians’. We did the raid over two nights – and...

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Sha of Pride Heroic

Sha of Pride Heroic went down for my raid team this week. It was a pretty good week for downing bosses to be honest, since we managed to get The Fallen Protectors and Norushen down for the first time this week too. In fact – it was our first look at Norushen, and boom, one-shot later it was done.     We took a few swings at Galakras, but since everyone was quite tired, we’ve decided to call it for this week, and will be enjoying some alt runs in normal instead until reset day (tomorrow). As is usually...

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