Galakras Heroic

galakras heroic

Galakras Heroic  is really similar to normal, except stuff hits hard. Really hard. We only had 3 players alive at the end, but hey, a kill is a kill!  We honestly thought it was a wipe at around 10 %, but then everyone (dead) watched in awe as the remaining …


Garrosh Hellscream 25 man

garrosh hellscream 25 man

Garrosh Hellscream 25 man is an easier fight than 10 man. Fact. Providing of course that everyone has brains. Our guild runs three 10 man raid teams, and there are plenty of raiders around with some experience ready to fill in gaps when we have them.  Sometime ago before we …


Sha of Pride Heroic

sha of pride heroic

Sha of Pride Heroic went down for my raid team this week. It was a pretty good week for downing bosses to be honest, since we managed to get The Fallen Protectors and Norushen down for the first time this week too. In fact – it was our first look …