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World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: The Karate Kid

World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: The Karate Kid

A Classic movie moment in the original movie, The Karate Kid starring Ralph Macchio was of course the crane kick.

Remember this?

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 10.17.28

There is a questline in Valley of the Four Winds to find the “hidden master” in Paoquan Hollow.

A questline which involves going through various trials and training, and it contains the most wonderful cut-scene moments of your character going through ‘the moves’ similar to just about every martial arts flick out there  – including The Karate Kid when the hero starts training seriously in order to face down the antagonist in the story.

It brought the hugest grin to my face when I saw this…


and this


and lastly, training with a blindfold (another classic MA movie thing).

I never tire of these references to popular movies within this awesome game!

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