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When real life impacts your blog life

When real life impacts your blog life

Haha, yes I just said it that way around.

Life has kept me pretty busy, and thus my Wow time has suffered a little and kept me from updating my blog as much as I would like.

So I’m just popping in to post some screenshots that I found funny over the last couple of weeks. If you follow me on twitter (@legolene) apologies if you’ve already seen these.

Ogres Gone Wild


Yes, that is a friendly ogre, help you quest by riding spiders, and sitting on dark iron dwarves…

Oh to work at a place that inspires, tolerates and actively encourages ludicrous stuff like this? Blizzard…call me!

Draenei on a Ledge


I have a paladin friend who has the uncanny knack of dying in raids. It’s even his skype profile ‘about me’. We’re not sure how it happens, but he dies, even when the healers are busting a gut to keep everyone up.

A couple of days ago I answered his distress call in guild chat, seeing as he had died in an awkward place, and was unable to run back to his body to res.

Like seriously – I almost couldn’t res him, but managed to find a spot on the roof (on the left of this) where I managed to dot him and res.

Night Elves and Golden Lotus Flowers


I was on Sunsong Ranch, went /afk to make some tea or answer the door or something and came back to find my nelf looking, not unlike a cabbage patch kid. I’m pretty sure this is how Nelfs are born by the way.



I happened to be around to capture my friend, and relatively new Enter the Fury guildie DING 90!! Yay! Gratz Peppermint!

Orcs are Dumb


Apparently Orcs will totally mistake you for an Orc in the Burning Steppes if you wear an Orc mask.



I am loving leveling my new paladin at the moment. MacPally. This was screenshotted just exiting the tunnel from the Arathi Highlands, into Hinterlands at sunset.

Well that’s all for today – I hope to be back in the rhythm of blogging soon! Happy questing everyone.

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  1. Luke Chisnall (@Lukechiz)

    hey cmon now 😛 i dont die in every raid, i survived that cata one, which was basically a bigger version of vortex pinnacle, cant remember the name lol XD but i have improved since those raids, we need to do some mop ones 😀

    • Legolene

      We love you Luke 🙂 and you’re totally awesome. (Also – Throne of the Four Winds mebbe?)


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