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The Mile High Grub

The Mile High Grub

The Mile High Grub is one of the daily quests that you complete in Valley of the Four Winds.

The Tillers

I am often asked by people –  “What’s the point of farming reputation with The Tillers? Is there an epic mount as reward?”

People, people, people, listen closely here

The Tillers is one of the most valuable factions to be exalted with in Pandaria. No, not for epic mounts, unless you consider The Reins of the Brown Riding Goat exciting.

The reason?

Sunsong Ranch.

From having spoken to numerous max level players lately (usually those searching for various high level mats, Golden Lotus, Motes of Harmony etc) it is clear to me that there are many players who quest through Valley of the Four Winds, observe one or two quests for Farmer Yoon, and go about their merry ways.

Sunsong Ranch starts out with just four tilling plots.

A series of quests allows you to open up a maximum of 16 plots.

As you farm reputation with The Tillers (see what I did there) – you gain access to special seeds, that you can plant, that allow you to literally harvest Motes of Harmony, Windwool Cloth, a selection of Pandarian herbs including Golden Lotus, Black/White Trillium Ore, Enchanting materials, Exotic Leather and more.

I have four max level players and each of them plants what they need for their respective professions, It completely removes the need to fly around endlessly “farming” ore nodes etc.

One of the requirements the Tillers quest line is that you become best friends with each of the major faction players in the Tillers – and the rewards for that are so cool.

Each ‘friend’ gives you something special for your ranch once you’ve reached “Best Friend” status.

The Ranch is then gradually upgraded by each best friend, until you have a gorgeous farm complete with menagerie of animals (including a giant Mushan) and your little home above the farming plots is nicely decked out with a bed, your own cooking stove, and you can even set your hearth there. (Note only my mage has her hearth set there because she can just portal to shrine).

99% of the time, my characters go “home” after a night of raiding, and it’s a lovely, almost tongue in cheek response by Blizzard to the endless requests that they no doubt get to introduce player housing.

But back to:

The Mile High Grub

This quest requires you to fly to the Skyrange and enter the heart of the hostile Hozen village – and then cook over their fire. It’s actually one of the quests I used to avoid on my priest because it never fails to aggro several nearby hozen, and would take me two or three tries to complete – having to sprint and then levitate down the mountain to escape.

Let’s take a quick look at the map:

The Mile High Grub

The quest is completed where you see the number 2 on the map – and you return to Half-hill market to turn it in.

Now monks sometimes get a lot of flack for being the noobs in the World of Warcraft universe, and along time “since Vanilla” Wow player even said the other day that they don’t fit into the game at all.

I for one am a complete convert, and am currently playing my monk as my main.

It certainly helps, that with the help of Glyph of Zen Flight, that a monk can totally own this quest without aggro-ing anything.


Approach the cooking fire from an elevated position. I like using my Disc of the Red Flying Cloud for this purpose.


Then position yourself directly above the cooking fire – this would be harder with a different mount, but the disc is perfect for this.

Just swivel your camera angle until you’re lined up nicely.


Then… take a deep breath and dismount from your disc and start to fall, but pop Zen flight before you hit the fire.

It’s ok if you pop it too quickly – because you can just lower yourself to just above the fire. If you do it just right you won’t take any fire damage, which would interrupt your cooking.


Then cook in complete peace without aggro-ing any Hozen nearby…


…and when you’re done – you can mount up again from that position straight back to your disc and head off to to turn in the quest.





Zen flight!

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  1. mrandmrswow

    Awesome tip! I make my fortune (ha!) from my farm and it’s my only source of income so it’s quite important to me too. I loved getting Best Friends with everyone and making my farm look amazing 😀 (

    • Legolene

      Yes! Me too! Golden Lotus FTW! (and everything else)


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