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The Black Temple

The Black Temple

Yet another random observations from Azeroth post! Starting with a run through The Black Temple.

Yes folks, she appears to be clearing her desktop of screenshots again. It’s time to share all those shots I took and wanted to show.

Some of my amazing twitter peeps who follow @legolene who may have seen a few of these already.

I ran The Black Temple for gear for transmog with a horde guildie last week…


I remember freeing this guy from some prison back in Warcraft III days…good times…

Here I am in the Temple of Kotmogu (this is Monknessa after popping the Orb of the Sin’dorei), and had a good laugh at the guild name of the person who just rezzed. (Yes I was totally hiding out in the GY, takes those hordies *ages* before any of them thinks to read the map, ha ha ha, ho ho ho).

If you can’t read it that small, and can’t be arsed to click the image to enlarge, the guild name is, “Low Drop chance on Pants.”


Then, here’s something I never noticed before…

You know how the night elves flight path gryphons look different to the human ones? They’re usually that teal/purple colour?

Well I spotted one in the Western Plaguelands that had the same colouring as the golden gryphons that you take around Stormwind and southwards to Booty Bay. I can’t believe I never noticed that before.


Then, there are the times, where you’re running endless bg’s to ramp up those Honor Points to replace your lowest ilvl piece of gear…and you see this…

When Transmog goes wrong…


One of the things I love doing when reading other peoples blogs and viewing their screenshots – is comparing the quality of gameplay between theirs and mine. Now, I’m definitely in the market for a new computer, as I’m contemplating getting one that can handle Wow at the best resolution possible, because I have my settings so low for when I have to face bosses like Elegon so that I don’t lag.

The one thing I’ve noticed in particular, is that often, other people play with their characters really zoomed out really far. Where as I always seem to have mine at the furthest disance possible – which isn’t far at all by comparison.

Until I went to Kun-Lai Summit with my horde warlock awhile ago – and this happened…


Pardon the dead mountain goat. That happens.

Last night I got to run Bastion of Twilight with Mr and Mrs Wow (@mrandmrswow on twitter), we’re finishing up the last boss tonight – yay!

Whilst there – I happened to catch a particularly cool “monk moment”…

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 20.13.19

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