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The Best Egg Hunting Route for Noblegarden

The Best Egg Hunting Route for Noblegarden

The best egg hunting route for Noblegarden…hmm, let’s see.

Last year, was my first experience of Noblegarden, on the Alliance side, so countless hours were whiled away in Goldshire chasing a brightly coloured egg that seemed to vanish a split second before I got there.

This time, I’m doing it on my (noob) Horde Warlock, in Eversong Woods, and after a few minutes I found a great routine that soon netted me 100 brightly coloured eggs (I wanted the companion pet – the Spring Rabbits Foot, as I already have the white tuxedo shirt, black tuxedo pants, and both black and white bunny ears). If I wanted that butt-ugly mount (really Blizzard, that thing is so damn ugly, I would have thought we could get something unabashedly fluffy and colourful for Easter/Spring), I could have easily carried on with my routine to 500 eggs, but it’s just not a mount I care to add to my collection.

So, back to my routine…(click image to enlarge) – fly to Falconwing Square and head to the fountain…

The Best Egg Hunting Route for Noblegarden

best egg route for noblegarden

  1. Under the bench I’m standing next to
  2. At the base of the tree next to the lamp
  3. On the other side of the path (quite well hidden) – you have to be coming at it from the 2-3 angle to see it and get the gold cog
  4. At the base of the tree in the distance
  5. under the other bench

I found that running in this route gave me the least amount of waiting time between respawns, and if anyone else picked up one of the other eggs inbetween, then I would simply carry on to the next one.

Also – believe it or not – but this route is best completed with the rabbit buff on. The occasional egg will polymorph you into a pink rabbit – don’t take it off – and also – equip the borrowed egg basket you get from completing the brightly coloured shell fragments quest – because it greatly increases your movement speed.

I say that this is the best egg hunting route for Noblegarden, but honestly – it’s the best egg hunting route for me, since I have a high success rate of beating anyone else to it, and it means I’m not running around like a mad hare (see what I did there) trying to beat others out of eggs at the fountain.

Do this route successfully 10x and you’ve bagged yourself 50 noblegarden chocolates. In my case I bagged the white bunny ears, and three white tuxedo shirts in my first 50 as well (inside the brightly coloured eggs), so I didn’t have to spend any chocolates on those, making the run up to 100 chocolates that much quicker in order to get the Spring Rabbits Foot.

Please comment if you have a favourite route that you’d like to share, or if you try this one, and have anything to add. Please share with others and enjoy.

The lump loves the worry inside the resident food.

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