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Silk Cloth

Silk Cloth

Since returning from vacation I’ve mostly been playing my horde warlock, Nessalux (one of the fabulous first three), and no, not named after the soap. Lol.

So anyhoo – I picked tailoring as one of my professions, since I have it on one of my Alliance characters too meaning that I ‘get’ how it works, and that I’ll be able to use my Magnificent Flying Carpet on both characters without needing to make another one. You can see the Flying Carpet here.

SO. The thing with tailoring is the cloth.

You will need lots, and lots, and lots and LOTS of cloth.

Right now, I have 2-3 guildies sending me all their cloth (they’re not interested in leveling their first aid) and it’s still not enough. So, the need for ‘farming’ cloth arises. Especially for Silk Cloth, because OMG you need 5 pieces to make 1 bolt, and then you need an average of 10.5677 bolts to make anything with it, so yes, LOTS.

While no spot is perfect, and no drop rate guaranteed, this little spot in Badlands proved rather lucrative, hence my sharing it.

Badlands can be found in the Eastern Kingdoms…see here…



Once you’re in Badlands head to Uldaman…look here…


Uldaman is interesting because it is ultimately an ‘instance’ but it has a very large ‘intro’ area before you get to the swirly portal gateway. THIS is the part I’m talking about…

Take out the few guys running around outside and head into the cave like entrance (this is not the entrance of the dungeon).

See here…



It’s a fast way to top up your Silk Cloth stores if, like me, you’re ┬áTailor who wants to level up your professions at the same time as your character so you don’t have to double back on any areas.

Note: I was level 57 when running around here nuking mobs (they are level 35) so it’s by no means *fast* at this level, but will get easier as you level higher – and if you ever need to come back when you’re max level you can pull the whole lot and just breeze through.

I hope you find this helpful! Please share with others!

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  1. Psynister

    There’s also the south-west corner of EPL. There you’ll find groups of two humanoids doing some chain-channel whatsit to a big undead. There are several of these groups that can spawn in the area that you can see right when you get there, plus three additional groups that can spawn in the hills directly behind the main area.

    The great thing about farming these is that killing them forces respawns, So if you wipe out all of the groups, another one will spawn somewhere to take its place. So you can kill here infinitely (or until you want to shoot yourself, whichever comes first). The mobs are higher level, so it’s a little tougher if you’re doing it near-level instead of doing it with a significantly higher level, but you can still one-shot them all with an 85+ of most classes.

    AoE sort of works, but not very well since the humanoids are casters. They don’t just cast, they will move into melee, but since they do have spell attacks that they can do from range, it’s not as easy to do.

    You can also kill just the humans and then run away to force the undead to reset, which will prompt the humans to respawn. Some classes will find it hard to kill at a quick enough speed w/o killing the undead, so if that’s you then just kill them all and force the respawns. If you can reset the undead then it will go a little bit faster and cut down on the time you spend traveling from one group to another, but you’ll also spend more time running on foot rather than mounted so overall it might be a wash on the time saved.

    • Legolene

      Thank you for such an awesome and detailed comment – I will definitely head over to Eastern Plaguelands and check it out. Scarlet Monastery is another good one, but you need to be quite a high level to make it time-effective.

      • Psynister

        SM isn’t very good anymore. It used to be the best place hands down but now it doesn’t compare to either of the other two we’ve discussed today. It’s not terrible, but it’s little better than just finding level 30-40 mobs and farming them.

    • Krazycalvin

      This works exactly as described and amounts to a pretty good amount of junk to sell along with the cloth. You get mageweave in addition to the silk.


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