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Race Changes in World of Warcraft

Race Changes in World of Warcraft

I decided to say farewell to my Pandaren this past week.

Fret not, I was not silly enough to delete a level 90 monk, but I had decided that the whole “cuddly Panda” look wasn’t working for me anymore.

Every single transmog that I tried, just ended up looking like pajamas, so it was time to move on.

But oh my goodness – what to pick!? As it is – being a girl myself, the fact that Bruuslee was a male pandaren didn’t always sit 100% comfortably with me, even though so many guys I know roll female characters – no doubt to watch their behinds bobbing in front of them, but – for me, I like my characters to bear some resemblance to me.

At first I considered a faction change to move Bruuslee to my horde guild (Enter the Baboons – we dinged level 25 yay!) and roll a male blood elf, so in order to check whether or not this would work for me, I ran through Magisters Terrace hoping to obtain the Orb of the Sin’dorei, and it dropped on my first run! (thank you Blizzard!). With Legolene –  my mage – I had to run it everyday for three weeks to get that darn orb!

Here’s what Bruuslee looked like as a male blood elf.


While I enjoyed having him with those fabulously snooty emotes “You look almost as good as I do.” and “Why don’t you come over here, and…hey – watch the hair!“, it was then that I realised that I just didn’t want a male character anymore, and honestly my alliance guild has been so active lately, that I didn’t want to move him over to my horde guild, even though we could use some max level healers over there (maybe my resto druid when I get her around to 90?).

So a race change it was!

I put it out on twitter and the only suggestion I got was draenei, and while the draenei have their advantages (Legolene is a draenei), I found myself drawn to making my monk as true to life as possible and since many of the guild members know me as Macnessa, I figured a name similar would work well, so without further delay, I present to you: Monknessa!


Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.30.34

Yeah, her transmog needs some work! I really like the replica darkmantle gear, but my Alliance GM would do his nut,  if I did her whole outfit in it, because that’s kind of his signature look, so for now I’m using the legs and belt as transmog from the Replica Darkmantle Pants, and am on the look out for boots/chest/shoulders that match, without looking the same as the notorious rogue Rellic.

So far I quite like the look of The Polar Vest, The Sacred Feather Vest, or possibly even Pozzik’s Vest. None of these are particularly hard to get – I just need to go back and see if I’ve run the appropriate quests yet, or find an obliging leatherworker to craft something for me.

Race Changes in World of Warcraft are in fact very simple!

I logged into – selected the character I wanted to change, paid my £15, and when I logged into World of Warcraft about 15 minutes later – there was a button next to Bruuslee’s name which I clicked on – and it took me to the character creation screen, allowing me to choose another race within the Alliance (a faction change is a different service), and of course I got an optional name change as well, so I fiddled around until I got the look I wanted, and hey presto!

In other news around Azeroth:

I’m so happy when I run a random battle ground, and get a team that is worth it’s weight in gold, even something as simple as this makes a huge difference…

How to defend the Lumber Mill (LM) in Arathi Basin…start by at least facing opposite directions!


Also around Azeroth and I thought shareworthy:

This is what happens when your Gok’lok Shell Fragment and your fishing button are too close together and you hit one, and then the other one immediately after 🙂

I’m quite sure the blood elf (that you see mounting behind me) who was exiting the water as I hit the shell morph button (followed by the fishing button), now thinks that I’m some kind of exhibitionist fishing perv.


Well that’s all for today people! See you around Azeroth.

If anyone has any suggestions for dark/blue/black leather armour for Monknessa – please email me, or leave a link in the comments.

Also, this!

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