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Panthers and Jesters at Shrine

Panthers and Jesters at Shrine

So there we are, lining up on our various panthers at Shrine of the Seven Stars for an impromptu screenshot…

(Mild ocd-ness makes me want to line up the panthers in a more logical order, Onyx, Ruby, Suntone, Jade then Sapphire)



We were assembling a group to go and take down Oondasta, and because we are a low-pop server (the best one, by the way, Dragonmaw – with a great sense of community and history), people began inviting cross-realm friends.

Suddenly the balance of people from a higher population out-tipped the group and we were all realm-changed to Sylvanas (a high-population server)…and the inevitable happened…


Mount mayhem, transformations, one-upmanship etc. It was kinda funny, until we got to Oondasta and there was a full 40-man horde group who had him at 35%.

Unwilling to wait for a respawn a number of high-pop realmies left the group, which meant that the remainder of us from the low pop server – got realm changed back again – and Oondasta rematerialised in front of us…

Fun times with cross-realm zones…

The thing that I took away from this – is how important it is, to be happy in the guild you’re in, and to in fact, be in the right guild, that being the one that suits you most.

There were so many people in the group for Oondasta, who were not from our guild, people had been given group assist in order to invite friends, and suddenly people were randomly messing around and kicking people from the group.

I am so glad to be in the guild I’m in, where maturity, logic and a great sense of fairplay and fun is the order of the day.

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