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Noodle Cart: The Complete Guide

Noodle Cart: The Complete Guide

This guide serves to help those wanting to level their Noodle Cart from start to finish in one day.

NOTE: This guide is is offered in a print friendly pdf version by clicking the “print” or “pdf” button at the end of the post. Also Wowhead tooltips are active on all ingredients and quests if you need more information.

In order to do this – you will need the following skills and materials:


  • Maximum level cooking skill 600/600 Edit: this has changed – you need to have started learning the cooking skills from each of the masters at Half-hill – e.g. Way of the Brew/Grill/Pot/Wok etc – but you do not need to have the maximum skill from each one.
  • Completed Master of Pandaren Cooking (awards the title of “Master of the Ways”) – – again – this is no longer a requirement – you only need to have picked up the first level from each master of the ‘way’ at Half-hill – although if you do not have ‘Master of the Ways’ you will not be able to make the food required, to produce the top level noodle cart.

List of Ingredients to create a Noodle Cart Kit:

noodle cart

Step by Step Instructions to create a Noodle Cart Kit:

Travel to the Timeless Isle

Complete the quest: Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten

The quest can be found under the bridge on the Timeless Isle (near the broken end of it where you cross over to fight Ordos). The quest icon appears above a broken sign, ONLY if you have completed the first level of Pandaren Cooking from each cooking trainer (the above mentioned recipes). If you haven’t completed those – the quest will not appear.

Upon completion of Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten you will be instructed to travel to the Temple of the Jade Serpent and defeat the Sha of Doubt for the quest: The Lost Secret of the Secret Ingredient.

You can simply pug the dungeon as normal – or take a group. Note – these quests can be shared – and it makes it go considerably faster if you do.

When you have defeated the Sha of Doubt – DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT simply leave the dungeon but go up to the platform (behind where the Sha originally stood) and click on the quest completion mark on the left hand side. It is above one of those scroll things that you search for around Pandaria for reputation gains with the Lorewalkers faction.

The next step is to pick up the quest: Bad Feeling, Worse Result (which will appear once you’ve completed the previous quest)

A ghostly monk apparition will appear that you have to defeat in order to continue.

The next step in the quest chain is Secrets Lost, Forever? This quest takes you to Half-Hill to speak with Sungshin Ironpaw (the cooking supplies vendor)

The next quest is Catch and Carry, which I screenshotted and posted about here earlier.

You travel to the imperial granary which is a short ride down the road from Half-Hill. Please read this post if you get stuck on this quest.

Turn that quest in when it’s complete and you will be prompted to pick up the quest: Is that a real measurement  which will then prompt you to create your Noodle Cart Kit. The recipe will appear in your Cooking Skills. If you have all the meals prepared already – you can simply create it as it will give you credit for those meals in your inventory. If not – simply prepare them using the list of ingredients above and move on to the next step.

Once you’ve created your first Noodle Cart Kit – you will need to travel to the Stormstout Brewery and run it as a dungeon to collect 20 Sloshes of Brew. These are quest items that will drop when you loot from Alementals during a dungeon run. Again, you can either pug this or take your own group.

When you turn in the quest: Is that a real measurement (back at Half-Hill), you will learn Deluxe Noodle Cart Kit.

Requirements for creating a Deluxe Noodle Cart

Complete all the steps above, and gather the following ingredients or meals:

Pick up the quest: These aren’t your fatty goat steaks from Sungshin Ironpaw in Valley of the Four Winds and then create your Deluxe Noodle Cart Kit and travel back to the Timeless Isle to collect 50 Fatty Turtle Steaks. These can be farmed from all the turtles on the beach near either the Horde or Alliance landing areas on the Timeless Isle.

Turn in the quest back in Half-Hill and pick up the quest: The Secret Ingredient Is – this will involved queuing for a solo scenario where you serve customers in a “Diner Dash” type game where you have to seat customers, cook and deliver food (thankfully you can throw it at them) which is all timed and once you’ve successfully completed this, you can turn in the quest.

noodle cart

Note this is a fun new daily which earns you an Ironpaw token. Definitely worth it! There is also a bonus if you’re fast enough

Tip – do actions in chains – complete the same action more than once in a row to score additional points – also – make sure you serve the customer the correct food. e.g. The customers in light blue robes need action button 1 food, the ones in dark blue robes need action button 2 food, and the ones in the red plaid shirts and jeans need action button 3 food 😉

When you turn in the quest The Secret Ingredient is – you will learn the recipe Pandaren Treasure Noodle Kit!

Requirements for creating a Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart


1.  5 Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp (which requires the following mats to make)

2.  5 Chun Tian Spring Rolls (which requires the following mats to make)

3.  5 Mogu Fish Stew (which requires the following mats to make)

4.  5 Steamed Crab Surprise (which requires the following mats to make)

5.  5 Sea Mist Rice Noodles (which requires the following mats to make)

6.  5 Mad Brewer’s Breakfasts (which requires the following mats to make)

Once you have all these meals cooked, you will be able to create your Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart, which when used will enable you to sell 300+ Stat enhancing food to your raid team, your guild, or anyone you like.

Here is my raid team picking up their noodles before downing Horridon (I’m behind the cart dancing with my frying pan in one hand and rolling pin in the other – lovely touch Blizzard!)

pandaren treasure noodle cart

If you’re like me and like to prep materials before you get started – here is a what I call the “Mega-ginormous List of Mats” that you will need to complete all of these carts in one day, all in one convenient place. (Print out and keep handy!)

Mega-ginormous List of Mats





  • 5 Ginseng (buy these from Sungshin Ironpaw directly)
  • 6 Ironpaw Tokens (to buy 3 Black Pepper and 3 Rice flour with) (purchase items from NPC next to Sungshin Ironpaw)
  • Note – you can also use Spirits of Harmony to buy Ironpaw tokens from the Vendor out on the balcony at both the Alliance and the Horde’s respective Shrines.

Remember you can print this guide by using the “print” or “pdf” buttons below this post.

Use of this guide is completely free, and created by me through the desire to help other players navigate their way through World of Warcraft. If this guide has been profoundly helpful to you, please consider sharing it with others, and if you feel so inclined (and are in no way obligated) then please feel free to buy me a cup of coffee for my efforts.

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  1. Rolypoly

    I found the diner dash scenario quite hard. I had to do it 3 times lol! I’ll just blame the lag, or maybe I was clicking too fast.

  2. Legolene

    It can be tricky – and I actually mean what you say by clicking too fast – it is a little slow to respond when you are trying to seat diners. But the chain bonus does help!

  3. darkcarnage

    thanks this was a great help i got stuck on the make your first cart you were the only one i found that said look in your book thanks again

    • Legolene

      I had to look for it too – I spent at least 5 minutes searching my bags for a recipe or something to learn – until I opened my cooking skill page and found it!

  4. Anjia

    I want to thank you for this guide. It’s been extremely helpful.

    One thing of note, however, is the list of mats is inaccurate if it’s supposed to include everything you need to make five each of the recipes for the final Pandaren Treasure Noodle Kit. You need to multiply all those mats by five if that’s the case.

    This is what should be updated on your list for five each of those particular recipes:

    1. 5 Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp (which requires the following mats to make)

    5 Black Pepper (requires Ironpaw token to purchase)
    25 Giant Mantis Shrimp
    25 Mushan Ribs
    125 Green Cabbage

    2. 5 Chun Tian Spring Rolls (which requires the following mats to make)

    5 Rice Flour (requires Ironpaw token to purchase)
    25 Red Belly Mandarin
    25 Raw Tiger Steak
    125 Red Blossom Leeks

    3. 5 Mogu Fish Stew (which requires the following mats to make)

    5 Black Pepper (requires Ironpaw token to purchase)
    25 Emperor Salmon
    25 Raw Crocolisk Belly
    125 Mogu Pumpkin

    4. 5 Steamed Crab Surprise (which requires the following mats to make)

    5 Rice flour (requires Ironpaw token to purchase)
    25 Jewel Danio
    25 Raw Crab Meat
    125 White Turnips

    5. 5 Sea Mist Rice Noodles (which requires the following mats to make)

    5 Rice flour (requires Ironpaw token to purchase)
    25 Tiger Gourami
    25 Raw Turtle Meat
    125 Scallions

    6. 5 Mad Brewer’s Breakfasts (which requires the following mats to make)

    5 Black Pepper (requires Ironpaw token to purchase)
    250 Pink Turnips

    Thanks 🙂

    • Anjia

      Oh jeez – you can completely ignore my post. I missed that each recipe actually makes five. Wow! Sorry.

      • Legolene

        I was just about to say that! Yes – each “creation” of a noodle cart kit will result in five (5) being made – no need to multiply the mats 😉 Happy cooking!

  5. Lowbergurl

    TY for the excellent guide!


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