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It might be time to finally level my Engineering (The Sky Golem)

It might be time to finally level my Engineering (The Sky Golem)

To obtain the Sky Golem I am going to have to level my Engineering now in preparation for the Siege of Orgrimmar (Patch 5.4)

Thank you Alrysia for sending me this link.

…look at this new mount – the sky golem – that you can craft.

The Sky Golem

I want The Sky Golem

Out of all my professions, Engineering is the one I am finding the hardest to level, it’s excessively complicated with all the different components required, but having seen this now, and it vividly reminding me of Avatar (even though they were used by the “baddies”).

On the plus side of Engineering – it requires a lot of materials from Mining, which more than one of my characters can supply my mid-level paladin with, but still, complicated!

If anyone would care to leave a comment, with the materials required to craft this sci-fi lovers wet dream of a mount, be a dear and do leave a comment in the box below!

I must have one!

sky golem

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  1. Xenthos

    First of all you need to find the Schematic: Sky Claw which drops off all mobs in the vale of eternal blossoms, most people have claimed to have it drop off the Sha that is now in the Vale.

    To craft this mount you need:

    • 30 living steel
    • 300 ghost iron bars

    It takes a total of 30 days to make, through the daily item that needs to be crafted which requires 30 ghost iron to make per day to make Stabilized Lightning Source which is on a 24 hour cooldown.

    After 30 days you will have enough then to craft the mount and either keep or sell. (Mount is account wide)

    • Legolene

      Great stuff, thank you Xenthos for that list of mats required to craft the Sky Golem (is it called the Sky claw then?). Sounds hectic, but having rewatched that video I reckon its worth the wait! I wonder who will be the first person to craft one?

      It won’t be long before Stormwind is awash with these sci-fi mounts stomping around 🙂


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