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Kri’tak, Imperial Sceptre of the Swarm

Kri’tak, Imperial Sceptre of the Swarm

My priest has had a staff equipped, for probably around 99% of her leveling time, so when the Kri’tak Imperial Sceptre of the Swarm dropped for me from Raid Finder, from the Grand Empress Shek’zeer, I wasn’t sure if would be a good thing to equip unless I had an off hand item to pair with it, which thankfully I did, and I finally got to use my Fan of Fiery Winds that had been sitting in my bag for a couple of weeks.

I’m generally not that clued up when it comes to loot that can drop from raids, although I’m trying to work on this a little more so that I can anticipate what may or may not be dropping. Hmm, more gold anyone?

So there I was, with my new weapons equipped, doing my Farmville thing at Sunsong Ranch, when one of those pesky damn virmen showed up.

Usually I just pop Mindbender (think: flying priest octopus attacky thing) while I finish up ploughing and then ping it with Penance a few times until it’s down, but frobs above – if I didn’t nearly ruin a perfectly good pair of trousers when I saw this thing below instead of my usual flying octopus.


For a second or two I thought I’d missed the hot-fix notes where suddenly the sha have invaded Sunsong Ranch, but no – that *thing* was mine! You see the Kri’tak Imperial Sceptre of the Swarm is “sha-touched” and it converts your mindbender into a mini-sha instead.

I thought it was a rather cool feature that I wasn’t expecting.

Speaking of other funny “little” things in-game – you know the line of quests “Water, Water Everywhere” for Farmer Fung in Valley of the Four Winds? Where you choose from a selection of kites each time you complete that particular Tillers daily.

Laughed my hiney off at my priest busting out the night elf moves on the “Dancing Green Kite”.

I give you exhibit A.


and exhibit B.


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