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Isle of Conquest

Isle of Conquest

I was in Isle of Conquest with Bruuslee, my Pandaren monk the other day.

This particular PVP battleground usually goes a specific way:

The Alliance race to the Docks, pick up the elven glaives and catapults, relay bombs back and forth until the Horde gate is down.

On this particular occasion in Isle of Conquest, we decided to go to the Workshop instead, and managed to grab the siege engines.

I rolled out and was about to pound the horde gate when I spotted this enterprising frost mage, with incredible range pew-pewing the one horde player who had actually decided to use a cannon for defence. It makes a nice change from the usual horde rogue who likes to defuse the bombs we relay to the gate, but I digress…here’s a screenshot for you:

isle of conquest

Considering that Legolene has frost as her off-spec, I probably should have known that I could reach enterprising cannoniers with the odd frost bolt or two, but honestly, I had no idea!

I’ll remember that the next time in Isle of Conquest, so cannoneers beware!

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