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Instance Etiquette

Instance Etiquette

I read a great blog post by Bubbles of Mischief  yesterday, about an experience they’d had with a, what can only be described as a douchebag of a tank. Please go and read the post here.

I left a comment on her post (a blog post of its own!), and I’m going to rehash it here for the sake of instance etiquette.

Myself and two guildies (I was healer – they were both dps) joined as a group to do The Siege of Niuzao Temple on Heroic, for which another two players unknown to us joined. Everything was fine until we got to the boss General Pa’valak, which is the one that drops the bombs.

Now you’re supposed to pick up the bombs and use them on the mantid army that swarms. But this tank couldn’t hold aggro very long, so I kept getting overrun because I was trying to stay in range to heal the tank, so we both ended up dead. (only once). The tank then lays into me verbally (chat box), with “OMG YOU RUINED THE RUN!” and other choice comments such as, “No offence, but YOU REALLY SUCK!” (no offence? Really?)…

During the time he’s loading the chat box with his inane drivel, I’m busy wisping back in in ghost form to res, and I only notice his rant once I’m back up. At which point he’s yelling, “WHY DIDN’T YOU USE BATTLE RES!?” – so I look at the group of players (checking classes), and then ask, because at this stage I’m wondering who he’s talking to, and I say, “Who the F are you talking to? Battle res? I don’t have battle res.”

and then, he says… (the point at which our predicament becomes abundantly clear)


To which I reply,



So we engaged the help of another tank, and went on to finish the instance without any problems. After that my guildies and I invited another two players from our guild and decided to run Scholomance during which we joked about the druid comment a lot of the time. “Why aren’t you using Treant form!?” one of my guildies would jokingly taunt me with etc.  It just reminded me how glad I am to belong to a guild that has players who know how to have fun, and not take themselves too seriously.

When I thought about it later, I realised that he was a DK – and given that he hadn’t noticed that I was in fact a priest, there was a good chance that the tank was a relatively new player, and probably just a teenager (they just love to roll those DK’s when their first character hits 55) but you’d think by the time they’re running lvl 90 heroics that they’ve learned some manners.

Apparently not everyone got *that* instance etiquette memo.

A memo which should read:

Dear Tanks

Seeing as your healer is dedicated to keeping you alive, please adhere to the following:

  • Don’t overpull
  • Don’t stray out of range (we do our best trying to keep up, but if you run too far ahead, there is nothing we can do)
  • Do check our mana bars occasionally and offer a mana break, especially before you pull a boss. (We spend the entire instance checking your health bar – so please…)
  • Do give us a chance to bring some of  the DPS players back up to full health before a boss pull (and we need time to mana up after doing that too)
  • Don’t tell us how to play our class, and don’t say how XYZ type of healer spec is better than ABC. We’ve done the research, and this is what we chose.
  • We have already gemmed, reforged, enchanted, woven and buffed to have the best mana regen and spell power possible so unless your suggestions are earth shattering news to the likes of Wowhead, then we’ve probably heard it all before.
  • We like healing, and we know you don’t like queueing, so if you piss us off YOU are going to wait for another healer, who probably won’t take your sh*t either!

Sincerely, all healers everywhere.

Now, having said that, I also want to say, that I would say close to 90 percent of the tanks I get given in the dungeon queue are good, bordering on great.  Some are so legendary, that I want to ask for their battletags!

It’s just the 10 percent, who need to take a look at themselves first, before attacking the healer.

instance etiquette

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  1. Cymre

    I laughed when you commented about the druid thing on my blog and I laughed again when I read it here. Thx for the support.

    We healers have to stick together and I agree, most of the players I encounter are great, I’ve even had Alliance players help me with mobs on occasion which is nice to see. 🙂

    • Legolene

      Agreed – I’ve had hordies help me out too – it’s nice when that happens especially right after that awkward moment when you first sight each other and you both pause and think “OMG are they going to attack me now too?!


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