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Horde vs Alliance

Horde vs Alliance

A number of you have asked me, (both in game and on twitter etc) how playing the horde, differs from being an exclusive Alliance player that I was before.

Well, my Horde vs Alliance story goes back some way.

When I first started playing, being a total LOTR dork (even my wedding was LOTR themed), the natural choice for me was a night elf, and since I didn’t entirely agree with nuking fluffies, I thought priest would be a good option for me.
Little did I know that nuking fluffies was part of the game no matter what class or race I chose.

A month or two in, I thought that blood elves looked pretty cool, so I made a hunter, and leveled her a little, but I took one look at Ghostlands, Undercity and a brief look at Orgrimmar, and promptly decided that the horde and it’s cities were way too ugly for me to spend any time in.

In addition to this, before you can fly, Orgrimmar can be totally confusing with all it’s different levels, elevators and zeppelin towers.

Fast forward a few months and I found myself with a handful of alliance alts and declared myself ¬†“all Alliance”.

Then some guildies and I thought it might be fun to create some new blood elves together, and while we never intended to level them all the way at the start – once we were 5 levels in, I think we were all having so much fun that it seemed silly not to try and take them up through the ranks. Thus Enter the Baboons was born and we’ve since been moonlighting between Horde vs Alliance ever since.

Now that my Warlock is lvl 65, and I’m *FINALLY* able to fly, being in those horde cities is less stressful than it was before. Although¬†I still haven’t found the Honor Points Heirloom vendor…and someone’s helpful reply that it was “above Thralls quarters” though trying to be helpful, was no sodding help at all.

Horde vs Alliance Cities


Yeah, there’s less of *that* and more time to mount-fly-land and complete whatever activity it is that I need to do, and one day I will be able to stop asking the Orc next to the bank in Orgrimmar where the tailoring trainer is, because I swear one day she’s going to kill me.

Or at least *emote-sigh*.

In fact, I’m getting so comfortable on the horde side, that yesterday after spending some time herbing and flying around more parts of Kalimdor that I have *never* laid eyes on (Silithus anyone?), I came into Thunder Bluff, intending to visit the Darkmoon Faire, and I was absolutely *GOBSMACKED* by how beautiful Thunder Bluff looked in the evening light.


horde vs alliance



OH my gosh – look at that sky with the clouds and the sunset and the stars peeking through!?


The light touches everything from my Wind Rider, to the bluffs of the mountain the city sits on.



Ignore the gratuitous wind rider butt shot and WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT SKY!? With the clouds suddenly appearing and it started raining as we entered the city zone. But those clouds, with the stars and sunset peaking through. ZOMG!

Coming in to land in the giant totem pole.


I’m starting to understand that it’s not all about Horde vs Alliance. It really isn’t.

It is really just one big incredible universal game, created by people who are passionate about their jobs and produce their best and most amazing work for.

What I wouldn’t give to spend a day meeting the awesome developers and designers who come up with this stuff.

Even if it’s just to let them know that Hey, I saw that great cloud/atmospheric work you did in Thunder Bluff man, and it was AWESOME.

Now, enter for a chance to win Lil Ragnaros (open to US and EU Realm players – until 9pm, Fri 19th April 2013)

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