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Gokk’lok – The Clam Shell

Gokk’lok – The Clam Shell

Gokk’lok is one of those hidden things in World of Warcraft that I just love discovering, and while I can’t take credit for randomly discovering this on my own, it’s my great pleasure to share it with you all today.

(Thanks Rellic for showing me where to find it!)

You totally need to go and find this object for when you want to wash that Sha right out of your hair.

So here’s where to find him.

Gokk’lok is west of the coastline in the Dread Wastes, Pandaria. See where I am?


…this is what it looks like when you dive down. If you dive down all the way to the bottom, you can stand normally instead of trying to dps from a floating position. I always find it hard to get my mind around that.


The coolest thing is? Gokk’lok doesn’t fight back. At least not directly. You dps him, and he spawns adds, but they’re relatively easy to dispatch (especially if you happen to have a rogue GM on hand to help out, and of course by ‘help out’ I mean “do most of the dps for you”).

Once he is “down” you are automatically presented with a quest, which you accept and it sends you back to the mainland…see here below?


The NPC you’re looking for (Chief Rikkitun) looks like this, a sprite type character:


I just checked Wowhead and they have him as marked “location unknown” but that’s probably because he only shows up when you have the quest? Possibly.

You hand in the quest, and he hands you your loot, Gokk’loks Shell. Right click to use it and hey presto:


You are bashfully reenacting Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus“.

Perfect for when you want to one-up that noob in the fountain in Stormwind who thinks they are the first character you’ve seen without their gear on.

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  1. alida

    So doing this tonight.

    • Legolene

      It’s fun! Give me a shout if I’m online and I’ll come and heal for you. (not that you’ll need it – I’m sure you’ll take down his adds easily).


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