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G’nathus – Aquatic beast the size of Oondasta

G’nathus – Aquatic beast the size of Oondasta

G’nathus is best appreciated from the air for his sheer size.

Firstly, let me show you where to find G’nathus if you didn’t already know… Although show him as appearing anywhere along the northern shores of Shan’ze Dao island, the pink area is where we tracked him. I say “we” loosely here, because I was in a group that was downing Zandalari Warbringers when the DK said, “Oh hey I know something we can go and take down with a guaranteed pet drop.” (Thanks Marv)

I had no idea this creature even existed.


Behold G’nathus


G’nathus moves quite fast, and we followed him around where we could pull him within range of the beach.


Often I wish I were recording things – because the site of this aquatic giant swimming just under the surface of the water was one of those epic moments in gaming that will stay with me for a long time.

(A bit like the time in Tomb Raider on PS One, when the first giant T-Rex came stomping out of the shadows and I promptly screamed and turned the TV off).

To cut a long epic story short – the DK pulled, the dps popped what they could from the beach and I healed my buttinsky off, and then I won the roll! I got the Spawn of G’nathus battle pet!

It was a pretty cool encounter, and like I say I wish that I would remember to record these things on video. So I went searching on youtube for someone who did.

Here’s one that is set nicely to music. Of course being there in “person” is always better 😉

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