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Where do you farm rep with the Black Prince ?

Where do you farm rep with the Black Prince ?

So, where do YOU farm rep with the Black Prince?

I recently decided to wake up a couple of weeks (cough)MONTHS(cough) late and get going with the legendary quest line and found myself needing to be at Revered Status with Wrathion.

If you find yourself saying, “Um, Black Prince? Wrathion?” then I mean…this guy…

Wrathion is The Black Prince

farm rep with the black prince


Once you reach level 90 and if i’m not mistaken a particular item level, you are summoned to meet him at the Tavern in the Mists near the Veiled Stair.

Moving on – to farm rep with the Black Prince, is interesting, because there are many different ways to do it. So many in fact that you could in fact be earning reputation with him, whilst in the service of other factions, and doing dailies (Shado-Pan, Klaxxi, Operation Shieldwall, Kirin Tor).

I think however, given that I’m somewhat behind with this section of content, I was so pleased to stumble onto this proverbial sweet spot, in a very accessible area on the Isle of Thunder

Take a look at the map of the Isle of Thunder (IOT) with me for a sec.



When traveling to the Isle, you land on the Violet Rise (under the gold question mark in this case), and it’s a short run down to the area just before Diremoor (see my cursor – circled in red).

There are veteran marksmen dotted around to help you, as this endless stream of Animated Warriors walks towards you down the path.

Position your self just right – in amongst the helpful Pandaren – and you can make quick work of them (they will fight with you).

Each time you down one of these, it grants you +60 reputation with the Black Prince.

They simply keep spawning!


I’m buried so deeply in stone bodies (gosh that sounds awful) that you can’t even see my character anymore, but I didn’t have to move at all just stood there taking them down one by one, and they kept coming until I had all the reputation gains I needed to complete the quest.

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