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Faction Change in World of Warcraft

Faction Change in World of Warcraft

A faction change in World of Warcraft is when a character switches allegiance from Alliance to Horde, or the opposite.

It involves a bit more than just  a race change, and of course Blizzard also offer you a name change included for the price.

I have chronicled my adventures on the Horde faction some time ago, stating at that time – that it mattered not whether you were Horde or Alliance, but rather that you simply enjoy the game for what it offers – two rather different experiences.

Why do my characters always blink in screenshots?


But, it seems, I am an Alliance girl after all.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 12.39.02Just short of a week ago, I organised a faction change for Nessalux, my Blood Elf Warlock. Since Nessalux was GM of my Horde guild, I promoted my horde hunter instead and brought Nessalux over to the Alliance for good.  Twenty pounds (£20) and approximately 20 minutes later, I said good bye to my blood elf and hello to the human Locknessa, of the Alliance.

I simply do not have the time or the inclination to spend my precious WoW time on the horde faction anymore.

Occasionally, I like to take a look at the economy of their Auction House simply for interest, and to learn. But for now I remain happily busy in my guild in the Alliance, raiding, hanging out with friends and crafting items for raid members, the guild bank, for sale and generally being very active.

Having my fourth 90 on the same faction – has greatly increased the ease with which I can produce high level goods at Sunsong Ranch. The only snag is that I now have two max level Tailors. I have however decided that is too is an advantage as I can now produce twice as many Royal Satchels and have two daily cooldowns that learn new (and mostly different) patterns with each passing day, as both have the recipe to produce Celestial Cloth.

Locknessa’s second profession continues to be herbalism, which in turn supports my Alchemy and Inscription characters.

I had no idea about what would be transferred with my character – since I was not overly concerned to look, but I was rather surprised that I had to re-do the opening quest for Pandaria – in order to open up the portal in the Jade Forest!

It’s impossible not to look at this screenshot and say PEW PEW PEW!


Once I’d done the helicopter (yes, yes, Gyrocopter) mission, it was time to parachute in Bruuslee style…



Playing with gifs like this makes me think I need to come up with something creative for my Royal Jesters Guild Forum Avatar…

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