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Month: October 2013

Faction Change in World of Warcraft

A faction change in World of Warcraft is when a character switches allegiance from Alliance to Horde, or the opposite. It involves a bit more than just  a race change, and of course Blizzard also offer you a name change included for the price. I have chronicled my adventures on the Horde faction some time ago, stating at that time Рthat it mattered not whether you were Horde or Alliance, but rather that you simply enjoy the game for what it offers Рtwo rather different experiences. Why do my characters always blink in screenshots? But, it seems, I...

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Boots of Broken Reliance

A raid team member whispered me about a pair of boots selling on the BMAH (Black Market Auction House) for 21K. The heroic version of the Boots of Broken Reliance. (Which I believe is a drop from Norushen) Then another guildie whispered me about the same boots, saying that there was less than 2 hours left on the auction and to ask why I wasn’t bidding on them? My problem was that I only had 10K collectively across my handful of characters because I’ve been spending a lot on enchants and mats for gems etc. Two guildies offered to...

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Hearthstone Mastery


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