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Month: September 2013

Noodle Cart: The Complete Guide

This guide serves to help those wanting to level their Noodle Cart from start to finish in one day. NOTE: This guide is is offered in a print friendly pdf version by clicking the “print” or “pdf” button at the end of the post. Also Wowhead tooltips are active on all ingredients and quests if you need more information. In order to do this – you will need the following skills and materials: Requirements Maximum level cooking skill 600/600 Edit: this has changed – you need to have started learning the cooking skills from each of the masters at Half-hill...

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Catch and Carry

Catch and Carry is part of the questline that leads you to the creation of Noodle Carts! Zionxi and I took some time out from coin farming on the Timeless Isle to follow the quest line to create Noodle Carts of which there are three varieties. The quest “Catch and Carry” took us to Half-hill where we had to collect a grain catching sack and head off to the granary in Valley of the Four Winds. Once we’d spoken to the NPC at the granary – we both quickly worked out that we had to position ourselves over the...

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Timeless Isle! Also known as The Coin Farm

Wednesday dawned bright and early, and I think I spammed Twitter the most I’ve ever done… Got up early as usual to harvest at Sunsong and then I remembered! It’s PATCH DAY BABY!!! WHOOT!! #wow #Warcraft — Legolene (@Legolene) September 11, 2013 and Are they up yet? Are they up yet? Are they up yet? Are they up yet? #patchdayEU #wow #Warcraft — Legolene (@Legolene) September 11, 2013   and @BlizzardCSEU_EN WE NEED YOU! *clicks refresh on the realm status page* – help me end this cycle! #superpumped #wow #Warcraft — Legolene (@Legolene) September 11, 2013 and finally… SERVERS...

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Garrosh Defeated: New Warchief of the Horde Revealed

Gratz to Availed (Guild) of Anvilmar (US Realm) for being the first to defeat Garrosh on Normal mode (10 man). I see that Blood Legion are leading the field in the 25 man category. Here’s a video of Availed’s cinematic after the kill (spoiler alert) – because you will learn who the new Warchief of the Horde is! It’s awesome! (and so is King Varian!) So – OMG -your thoughts? I love how the guild comment during the cinematic, “Shut up!” lol. So what do you think of the new warchief? My own team had a go at the...

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