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Month: August 2013

Haris Piltons Gigantique Bag

Equipping “Haris Piltons Gigantique Bag” might be the easiest 10 achievement points you can earn, after “A Shave and  Haircut”. I’ve always seen this achievement and wondered just where in the game this amusingly named NPC “Haris Pilton” was hidden. Of course, it was in a seedy tavern in the lower city section of Shattrah City, where I would probably never have ventured had I not been been there for an entirely different reason. Not only does Ms Pilton (who yes, is a blonde blood elf, and has a pet dog) sell the Gigantique bag (at a cool 1080g...

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It might be time to finally level my Engineering (The Sky Golem)

To obtain the Sky Golem I am going to have to level my Engineering now in preparation for the Siege of Orgrimmar (Patch 5.4) Thank you Alrysia for sending me this link. …look at this new mount – the sky golem – that you can craft. The Sky Golem I want The Sky Golem Out of all my professions, Engineering is the one I am finding the hardest to level, it’s excessively complicated with all the different components required, but having seen this now, and it vividly reminding me of Avatar (even though they were used by the “baddies”). On...

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World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: Stargate

Stargate! As you know from time to time I love to draw parallels between World of Warcraft and popular film culture, and I’ve done so with MIB, War of the Worlds, The Karate Kid, and many others. When I first started leveling mage, I remember it struck me at the time – but then I completely forgot to screenshot it, and it’s one of the more obvious ones, so I always neglected to blog about it. But no more! So naturally the portal exit in the mage tower…   …totally reminds me of the original Stargate Film, and of...

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Where do you farm rep with the Black Prince ?

So, where do YOU farm rep with the Black Prince? I recently decided to wake up a couple of weeks (cough)MONTHS(cough) late and get going with the legendary quest line and found myself needing to be at Revered Status with Wrathion. If you find yourself saying, “Um, Black Prince? Wrathion?” then I mean…this guy… Wrathion is The Black Prince   Once you reach level 90 and if i’m not mistaken a particular item level, you are summoned to meet him at the Tavern in the Mists near the Veiled Stair. Moving on – to farm rep with the Black...

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Reins of the Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger

The Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger is one of my favourite non-flight mounts. Stockier and more armoured than their frost sabre predecessors, they are great for when you need to mount up, but can’t necessarily fly. Reins of the Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger I consider this mount fairly easy to obtain, seeing as you don’t need the skill of someone who can solo the Spine of Deathwing on Heroic in order to gain access to it, or be reliant on the Gods of Azeroth (aka the Blizzard loot drop algorithm). What do you need in order to obtain the Reins...

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Sunstone Panther

The Sunstone Panther is one of five mounts that can be created by Jewelcrafters in World of Warcraft. The following materials (or mats) are required to create: The Sunstone Panther Recipe: Design Sunstone Panther must be purchased from the vendor in the Jade Forest at the Arboretum (where the Order of the Cloud Serpent have their faction base), it’s the same Pandaren who sells the Cloud Serpents themselves. 20 Sun’s Radiance These can either be prospected from Ghost Iron Ore, White/Black Trilium Ore OR transmuted from  regular Sunstone by an Alchemist (transmutation speciality) using Golden Lotus. (Updated to add: Can...

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I can’t wait to get my hands on Garrosh

*Puts hand up to ear*… Is that the sound of three million subscribers returning to World of Warcraft? You bet your sweet blood elf shaped behind it is. Garrosh Hellscreams days are numbered. I love this game, but never have I ever, wanted to log in so badly and go bust a cap in this NPC’s (ok technically a boss) ass. I’m now more convinced than ever that Blizzard have based Garrosh on Robert Mugabe. Also loved on the internet today…This…(an angry orc, but not Garrosh) DON'T CRITICIZE A FRESH 90 UNTIL YOU HAVE WALKED A MILE IN THEIR...

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Sunsong Ranch and Reputation Farming

Sunsong Ranch is hugely important for 2 things, high end materials, and faction reputation gains. Yesterday I talked about how much I love Sunsong Ranch because of the way you can farm high level materials for relatively low effort input. Here are some examples of that: Getting ready to harvest Snakeroot Seeds, which are harvested as Ghost Iron Ore, White Trillium Ore or Black Trillium ore. Hugely valuable to several professions because the Ghost Iron Ore gets smelted and sent to my Alchemist for transmutation to Trillium, and the creation of Living Steel which is big gold earner for...

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