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Month: July 2013


I was portaled to Theramore, courtesy of an obliging mage and upon arrival realised that *doh* I hadn’t done the scenario “Theramore’s Fall” yet on my monk. The last time I portaled to Theramore on my own mage – I fell into a big hole an took a 30K health hit. So this time it was kind of a surprise to be greeted by a perfectly intact city, bathed in a the sunlight from a spectacular sunset. Another moment where I get to appreciate the enormity of the universe that this game spans, and and a nod to the...

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The Black Temple

Yet another random observations from Azeroth post! Starting with a run through The Black Temple. Yes folks, she appears to be clearing her desktop of screenshots again. It’s time to share all those shots I took and wanted to show. Some of my amazing twitter peeps who follow @legolene who may have seen a few of these already. I ran The Black Temple for gear for transmog with a horde guildie last week… I remember freeing this guy from some prison back in Warcraft III days…good times… Here I am in the Temple of Kotmogu (this is Monknessa after...

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Race Changes in World of Warcraft

I decided to say farewell to my Pandaren this past week. Fret not, I was not silly enough to delete a level 90 monk, but I had decided that the whole “cuddly Panda” look wasn’t working for me anymore. Every single transmog that I tried, just ended up looking like pajamas, so it was time to move on. But oh my goodness – what to pick!? As it is – being a girl myself, the fact that Bruuslee was a male pandaren didn’t always sit 100% comfortably with me, even though so many guys I know roll female characters...

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When real life impacts your blog life

Haha, yes I just said it that way around. Life has kept me pretty busy, and thus my Wow time has suffered a little and kept me from updating my blog as much as I would like. So I’m just popping in to post some screenshots that I found funny over the last couple of weeks. If you follow me on twitter (@legolene) apologies if you’ve already seen these. Ogres Gone Wild Yes, that is a friendly ogre, help you quest by riding spiders, and sitting on dark iron dwarves… Oh to work at a place that inspires, tolerates...

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