Transmogrification on my Blood Elf Warlock


Remember I talked about my current transmog or “mog” as we (cough)seasoned pros(cough) (I can hear my Alliance GM coughing the word NOOB right now) in this post about my blood elf warlock Nessalux here? Well as is usually the case, as soon as I’ve blogged something, it’s right about the …


World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: The Karate Kid


A Classic movie moment in the original movie, The Karate Kid starring Ralph Macchio was of course the crane kick. Remember this? There is a questline in Valley of the Four Winds to find the “hidden master” in Paoquan Hollow. A questline which involves going through various trials and training, …


World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: Lord of the Rings

lord of the rings

Yet another The Lord of the Rings reference for you. I wrote this one about the black gate of Mordor previously – and I thought it was time for another one. Totally looks like a blue version of the eye of Sauron right? I Love it! (Lord of the Rings …


World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: The Time Machine


Does anyone else remember the remake of the move “The Time Machine ” with Guy Pearce in it? Someone told me yesterday, that “omg that was like 10 years ago already”  – and frobs above, I just checked and it was in fact 11 years ago. (Having a small myocardial …


Red Qiraji Resonating Crystal

ahnqiraj battle tank

A few weeks ago (before being so consumed by WoW that I was neglecting my blog, and then a short trip abroad), my guildies and I did one of the old classic raids, namely the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. This is one of those prime examples of why I’m sorry I …