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Month: June 2013

World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: MIB

This one is a complete stretch as far as popular movie references go, I know, but when something reminds me of something I’ve seen in a movie – I have to share it. So you’re at Sunsong Ranch, tending to your crops when this happens… You’re dangling from a tentacle. Which totally reminds me of this! Looking at this, I can hardly believe that MIB was released in like 1997. That is so long...

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What will I fly on next?

Oh World of Warcraft. What will I fly on next!? You have let me dance the skies on the laughter silvered wings of the Snowy Gryphon. I have ridden horses or *steeds*. I have flown on mighty drakes, traversed the fiery skies of Azeroth on phoenixes, hot air balloons, rockets and planes and even simply by the power of zen flight! I was not expecting this…   Hitchin’ a ride. On some kind of bug. In case you missed it – here it is again. “The will of the Klaxxi is...

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Transmogrification on my Blood Elf Warlock

Remember I talked about my current transmog or “mog” as we (cough)seasoned pros(cough) (I can hear my Alliance GM coughing the word NOOB right now) in this post about my blood elf warlock Nessalux here? Well as is usually the case, as soon as I’ve blogged something, it’s right about the time I make a change. I totally found some gear that I wanted my blood elf to wear (why does everything look so good on a belf, and awful on a pandaren?) Poor Bruuslee, struggles to look like he’s wearing anything but his stripey pajamas. My first post about...

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World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: The Karate Kid

A Classic movie moment in the original movie, The Karate Kid starring Ralph Macchio was of course the crane kick. Remember this? There is a questline in Valley of the Four Winds to find the “hidden master” in Paoquan Hollow. A questline which involves going through various trials and training, and it contains the most wonderful cut-scene moments of your character going through ‘the moves’ similar to just about every martial arts flick out there  – including The Karate Kid when the hero starts training seriously in order to face down the antagonist in the story. It brought the...

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World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: Lord of the Rings

Yet another The Lord of the Rings reference for you. I wrote this one about the black gate of Mordor previously – and I thought it was time for another one. Totally looks like a blue version of the eye of Sauron right? I Love it! (Lord of the Rings geek alert!) If you missed out on the questline in Northrend that brings you into contact with it, and just want to do a fly-by and check it out, you can find it in Ice Crown at co-ordinates: 44.2 | 21.6 Or simply look for it using this map...

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World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: The Time Machine

Does anyone else remember the remake of the move “The Time Machine ” with Guy Pearce in it? Someone told me yesterday, that “omg that was like 10 years ago already”  – and frobs above, I just checked and it was in fact 11 years ago. (Having a small myocardial infarction at the thought of time passing so quickly) Anyhoo – I digress. The movie. You know how I love picking up on movie references in World of Warcraft right? Well take a lookey what I found here. and here’s another one – and for the life of me...

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How do you play World of Warcraft?

Here’s a question for all you World of Warcraft players out there. How do YOU play World of Warcraft? I’m not asking *how-to-play* the game itself, but rather how you PREFER to play it? Do you have the sound off? On? Do you have the sound on, but the music off? Do you prefer background noise? e.g. play with the TV on in the background? For me I’ve always loved the in-game music, but now that I’ve been playing for over a year, I find that while I still enjoy the in-game music, it’s gotten to the point where...

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Vengeful Gladiators Battle Staff

My Warlock (Nessalux) currently has her staff transmogrified to the Vengeful Gladiators War Staff. I just love the way it looks. Because I’m a total dork, and it reminds me of Darth Mauls double ended light sabre. I also like it because it doesn’t have a million spiky, twisty, pointy bits coming off it in every direction. I definitely prefer a look that is more *clean* than most of the current epic gear you see around Azeroth. Here’s what my Warlock is wearing right now. All very sleek, uncomplicated stuff. For those of you with transmogging interests the items...

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