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Month: May 2013

World of Warcraft Scenes and Mounts

When you use a Mac, your desktop doesn’t function the same way as other operating systems, and generally, there shouldn’t be any documents on there, unless you specifically put them there. Applications are neatly filed away, with no shortcuts littering the desktop. When I capture screenshots, I have them saved to my desktop so that I remember to blog them, then once they’re edited and blogged I delete them. I reached a point today where I no longer had any space on the desktop. So many cool shots, and so many awesome World of Warcraft Scenes that I want...

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Seeing the Sights in Uldum

In yesterday’s post I talked about some of the Dr Jones quests in Uldum, and today I just want to showcase some of the spectacular scenery of the questing zone, and why it’s one of my favourites. Right off the bat, many of the sights in Uldum are larger than life monuments. Clearly the whole zone is modeled largely on Ancient Egypt, and it genuinely feels like we are given a sneak peek into what parts of it may have looked like all those thousands of years ago. It is yet another one of the reasons why World of...

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Adventures in Uldum with Dr Jones

Dr Jones has featured before on my blog. You can find that post about Indiana Jones here. Questing in Uldum is awesome. After the scary, dark and frightening places that go before, Uldum is like a breath, of fresh, hot, desert air. Uldum is an 83-84 area, and my questing area of choice before dinging 85 and heading to Pandaria. The opening quest is in Tanaris, where you ‘hitch’ a ride into Uldum, with some mercenaries. The same mercenaries it would appear that were on the ship to Vashj’ir. Look bottom left – there’s Bud who jumped overboard! Dr...

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Reins of the Azure Riding Crane

So thanks to bringing down copious amounts of Zandalari Warbringers, I finally attained exalted status with the Golden Lotus, earning myself the right to buy the Reins of the Azure Riding Crane. With that in mind: I propose that we have a ridiculous mounts contest! One with a twist! I would like to see what each of you consider your most ridiculous looking mount and character combination. Here’s my entry… Male Pandaren on an Azure Riding Crane. (Remember, you can purchase this mount from the Golden Lotus faction once you are exalted with them in Pandaria). Omg. It’s a...

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Deepholm: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

Deepholm: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more! OH LAWSY, my geekyness has NO boundaries! It would appear that  I’ve just managed to quote Shakespeare whilst referring to a mad ride on a Tawny Wind Rider, with a gal Orc into the mythical plane of a virtual world. In a game. Go me. So after leveling Nessalux from 80-82 in Vashj’ir it was time to head to Deepholm. One day I’ll level a character by doing every single quest in every single zone, but for now I like to level and move to a new zone as...

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