Dalaran is one of my favourite cities. For one thing it is a neutral sanctuary where you can’t be ganked to within an inch of your life, and secondly, it contains faction-only zones so while you might share the communal zones for trainers and vendors, you have your own banks, …


Warchief’s Command: Vashj’ir


Ding! My Horde Warlock Nessalux dinged 80 and was off to Vashj’ir ! The whole underwater vibe is a nice change of pace and scenery. This is the fourth time one of my characters has reached level 80, but it’s the first time for me on a horde character and …


Enter the Fury: Class of 2013

enter the fury

We tried to take a screenshot photo of our entire guild last night, but of course due to people’s different lives and schedules (and time zones!) not everyone was able to make it, but we still had a good group that turned up to be documented as one of the …


Reins of the Slate Primordial Direhorn


The Reins of the Slate Primordial Direhorn, was my lucky, lucky /need /roll win last night whilst we were scouting and downing Zandalari Warbringers. Behold The Slate Primordial Direhorn! Isn’t it cool!? It has a really awesome tail-thumping /mountspecial too. Want to hear something really bizarre ? After the Slate …


Gokk’lok – The Clam Shell


Gokk’lok is one of those hidden things in World of Warcraft that I just love discovering, and while I can’t take credit for randomly discovering this on my own, it’s my great pleasure to share it with you all today. (Thanks Rellic for showing me where to find it!) You …


My Life as a World of Warcraft Newb – and a game inside Hillsbrad Foothills!


My self-labelled Newb status, is no insult. Really. It turns out there is a difference between “Newb” and “Noob”. What is a World of Warcraft Newb? Someone new to the game, who is in a constant state of awe and in the euphoric state of discovery in and around Azeroth. …


Reasons I play World of Warcraft


Yes, I really have just realised one of the big reasons I play World of Warcraft. Aside from the obvious of course, that it’s a amazing massively multiplayer online role playing game, with millions of fans and subscribers around the world, in a beautifully rendered gaming universe that is better …


Welcome to a look inside my mind


Somewhere along the line of my life, I discovered that my mind did stuff of its own accord. Like unintentionally memorise movie lines, that stay with me forever. Lines that will propel themselves out of my mouth in day to day conversation, either causing humour if the other party gets it, …