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Month: January 2013

The Quest for Pandaria

Read the prelude to this post here The Quest to get to Pandaria popped into our quest boxes right on time, and the rush was on to reach the King as fast as possible. Note: while you might want to upgrade to the fastest possible flying speed, as soon as you land in Pandaria you won’t be able to fly whilst there, until you’re level 90 and have visited the flying trainer at the Shrine of the Seven Stars (Alliance) – so if you don’t have the gold when you hit level 85, don’t sweat it, you’ll soon make...

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Mists of Pandaria Launch Night

This is my first blog post since Mists of Pandaria launched. I have rather severely neglected my blogging, in favour of adventuring in Pandaria. What a ride! It was like being a kid at Christmastime, and not wanting to go to sleep in order to be one of the first, to be part of the epic battle, to start a new monk character, to check out the new starting zone for the Pandaren! So many choices! In the days leading up to the launch, I spent  most of my game time leveling up Macnessa, my holy spec priest, and...

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