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World of Warcraft: Stunning Scenery

World of Warcraft: Stunning Scenery

Some of the game environment is insanely beautifully rendered by the developers and designers at Blizzard.

I often find myself, whilst travelling, stopping to turn 360deg and admire the view in all directions.  Screenshots couldn’t possibly do them justice but I thought I’d occasionally share some of my discoveries.

In the skies above Dalaran on the flying carpet I made with the Tailoring Profession.

On the way back to Stormwind coming through the Burning Steppes, on a clear day, at sunset. (My discipline priest, Macnessa).

In Wintergrasp (a battleground) after sunset – admiring the Aurora Azerothis (yeah I made that up).

Cape of Stranglethorn, heading to the Gurubashi Arena with my Rogue, Desangreal.

Sunset in the Alterac Valley (AV) with my Night Elf Priest, Macnessa at a time when she was wearing a seriously odd looking turban.

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Artenesse specialises in digital graphic design, and has been a creative professional since 2006. Blogging since 2004 and gaming since before the internet was actually a thing.


  1. alida

    I love Dalaran. Another favourite is Darnassus … everything looks so tranquil. The one zone I got out of as soon as I possibly could was Outland. For some reason I just didn’t like the look of the place.

    • legolene

      I also love Dalaran – I was up there one day on my flying carpet courtesy of Tailoring – and the next minute I was singing – “A Whole New World” – because darn it if I wasn’t suddenly Princess Jasmine…in Aladdin. Outland – yes – I understand what you mean – the Hellfire peninsula is scary looking – and the gravity issue was freaking me out too. But it gets better !


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