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World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: War of the Worlds

World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: War of the Worlds

I went out looking to increase my Night Elf Priests’ mining skill level, to get in line with the instances* we’re doing at the moment, because I hate missing out on a mining opportunity in an instance, due to too low a mining skill. So off I went to Outland to catch-up.

I was primarily focusing on Nagrand, and Netherstorm (*shudder* that place gives me the heebies!).

After I’d accumulated enough, I decided that instead of taking a gryphon ‘flight’, that rather I would fly back to the Portal in Hellfire Peninsula, check out the scenery on the way, and pick up any extra bits of ore to sell at the Auction House by myself.

Thus I found myself in Zangarmarsh

We are so not in Kalimdor anymore Dorothy.

So yes, there I was doing some mining, and some fishing, when I turn around and see this…

Cue: Freak out moment.

Just the way that thing was sashaying around, it was SO reminiscent of the more recent version of  War Of The Worlds (the Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning version).  Another great example of popular culture making its way into the game.

Here’s another screenshot, from the moment, right before I hightailed it out of there.

It doesn’t look as frightening in this shot – because I look abnormally large from this angle, but sheesh, was I ever glad to run through that portal into Stormwind, where even though it was night-time, the light and familiarity were very welcoming!

*instances (formerly known as dungeons)

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