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World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: Avatar

World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: Avatar

When I make these comparisons between popular movies and World of Warcraft, I do so without prejudice, and without any kind of judgement saying that one party copied the other etc, I simple seek to express my enjoyment of discovering these familiarities (chicken or egg they may be), within the environment.

With that said – what does this remind you of?

Hmm…floating mountains of Pandora anyone? (Pandora, Pandaria…hey – I love it all).

If you’re not familiar with the skies in this game yet – then I’ll tell you – we’re in Outland here (the legendary home planet of the Draenai), which you can access via a portal in the Mage Tower which will take you to the Blasted Lands (southern Eastern Kingdoms) where you will find “The Dark Portal” which teleports you to Outland. This particular area is not the first you will see in Outland, but it’s a beautiful welcome break, from the destruction and alien feeling you will get when you enter Outland by way of the Hellfire Peninsula.

Pictured, is my night elf priest (healer) Macnessa, on a snowy gryphon.

Happy Gaming Peeps. Mists of Pandaria is nearly here!

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