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More Epic Raid Screenshots – Courtesy of Zionxi

More Epic Raid Screenshots – Courtesy of Zionxi

Zionxi kindly emailed me her screenshots from last nights epic raid! It was great to relive them this morning – and to re-read the conversation to see how high everyone’s spirits were.

Everyone piled on the tower waiting for our last few minutes of res sickness to lift before hitting them hard, again! Look at the mini-map – we are all stacked in the middle before raining chaos on all the red dots around us.

Note: you can click on the image to see a bigger version.

Giving it stick at Thunder Bluff.

Getting it done – the last boss we tackled at Silvermoon City, the Blood Elf Capital’s Sunfury Spire.

Here we are, after receiving The Reins of the Black War Bear as our prize for achieving “For the Alliance”.

Starting to line up in the Valley of Heroes with our new achievement earned Black War Bears.

There’s always ONE in every family photo isn’t there?

The Walk of Pride (which I still haven’t figured out by the way – everyone saying to press “/” and it not working!) – I will have to ask you today how to do it, you know, for next time 🙂

Updated: – it was “/” on the numeric keypad to toggle between walking and running.

Mega-celebrations afterward. I had a difficult time getting to sleep after all the excitement, but at the end of the day, I’m glad that we can say that our little server that everyone has been complaining about for being too quiet, definitely showed some brilliant action last night – and I’m hoping that this inspires players to be more active so that we can build it up to what it was before.

To Dragonmaw! (Raises glass) and For the Alliance !



p.s. Thank you to Zionxi for the screenshots – it’s great to see someone else’s perspective!

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  1. Zionxi

    It sure was a fun night! I was saying in our guild chat, after the raids, that it could have been very different if only 5 of the Horde had turned up and not the 20 or so that attacked the king!

    Looking forward to many more nights like that!


    • legolene

      It really was the most incredible fun – I’m also looking forward to many more nights like that. I think I might subscribe to Armory (on my mobile phone) so that I can keep an eye on the guild chat when I’m not at my computer! I don’t want to miss another big raid like that.


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