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Month: September 2012

The Fall of Theramore

I got to play the first available “scenario” yesterday. The Fall of Theramore. My first thought was that adding scenarios to the game, by Blizzard is a stroke of pure genius. It reminded me of the FMV (full motion video) sequences that you get when you play RTS (real-time-strategy) games like the old Warcraft III, Age of Empires etc. Of course – the big question on everyone’s minds, is, just what, exactly has happened to Theramore? Look here. (spoiler alert) The Fall of Theramore   Once you’ve ┬ácompleted the scenario, you get given a very smart looking Theramore tabard...

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Does Azeroth have two suns?

I play Wow, at certain times of day which often coincides around sunset (in the game). It’s always a beautiful site, coming back to Stormwind at the end of some intense questing, to see the sun setting over the horizon from old town. If I’m a little later coming back to the AH to sell off my wares, to the moon rise over the Valley of Heroes. Then, for the first time, the other morning, I was playing in the early morning, around sun rise. I saw in-game conditions that mimicked the sunset. Now from a technical perspective, I’m...

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Mists of Pandaria FMV Clip 3 for TV

I love the opening sequence for Mists of Pandaria, particularly the look on Thralls face, right before King Varian Wrynn hands him a weapon to help him fight the monk. It’s a touch of humour that I love to find, even during game play. Like the time my character said, “Come with me, if you want to live” to a Wintergarde villager that it was rescuing (Did you say that in your head like Arnold Swarzschenegger? I always do). It’s exactly the kind of dorky, over the top movie quote, that I would probably use in real life. This...

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I’m the King of the World

Ok, not really. But a lighthearted Titanic moment, as I was coming into Northrend, on the ship from Stormwind. I’m not accustomed to having to take the ship, as my main character is a Mage, who simply teleports straight into Dalaran. Would you get a load of that Aurora? I love it. At the moment, I’m really enjoying playing a Priest, as a healer (discipline). Since the latest patch, priests have become a force to be reckoned with, and it’s not uncommon for me to take down a Rogue in a battleground, through repeated Holy Word: Shield, using my...

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World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: War of the Worlds

I went out looking to increase my Night Elf Priests’ mining skill level, to get in line with the instances* we’re doing at the moment, because I hate missing out on a mining opportunity in an instance, due to too low a mining skill. So off I went to Outland to catch-up. I was primarily focusing on Nagrand, and Netherstorm (*shudder* that place gives me the heebies!). After I’d accumulated enough, I decided that instead of taking a gryphon ‘flight’, that rather I would fly back to the Portal in Hellfire Peninsula, check out the scenery on the way,...

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